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Very Bad Wizards: Wizards With (Reactive) Attitudes…

Date: January 26, 2017

01) Episode 105: Wizards With (Reactive) Attitudes

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“David and Tamler go back to basics–discussing a paper (Victoria McGeer on responsibilty and Strawson) and arguing about restorative justice. What is the function of attitudes like resentment and anger? Do they presume anything metaphysics of agency? Why is Josh Greene trying to erode the moral scaffolding of society? Plus we talk about the latest Aeon troll piece on why sexual desire is wrong.”

No Surprises: #CLoverGender is Fake…


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Date: January 26, 2017

01) ‘Clovergender’ Is a Sick New Attack on the LGBT Community

“…it looks like a group of internet trolls have created a new term to upset social justice warriors and mock LGBTQs.

Last week, individuals began identifying as “clovergender.” The term began being used to identify children who are trapped in the bodies of adults. They are calling for acceptance of this new identity, comparing it as an equivalent to being transgender. They are also claiming that because they are children trapped in the bodies of adults, it is OK for them to have relationships with children.


Well, Snopes looked into this, and the whole thing is a scam. It is meant to upset people and throw a wrench in the LGBT community’s movement for equality.”

02) Cloverfailed

“The term was evidently created by pranksters in order to mock individuals of non-binary gender.


That the concept appeared from the ether on or around 1 January 2017 strongly suggests it was a hoax.

Several users captured 4chan screenshots from 31 December 2016 and 1 January 2017 demonstrating that the “clovergender” idea was cooked up by resident pranksters in an attempt to mock individuals of non-binary gender (i.e., transgender people, gender fluid people, and people of alternate gender):”

Child Lovers have never given their endorsement to the “CLoverGender” thing…In fact, I have yet to encounter another Child Lover, who has any knowledge of this “CLoverGender” groups prior existence.

I had a few of these people on one of my Twitter lists, then I moved them to another list…They seemed kind of disingenuous.

Thing is…you start getting into this “cis gender” [Etc.] rabbit hole, and some of those people…I mean, “CLoverGender” is not a far leap, from anything to expect out of them…But I found the “child trapped in adult body” thing intriguing enough, to where I wanted to watch it for a bit…get a better sense of what was happening.

These findings are no shock.

It was not lost on me, of course, that they were commandeering “CL” in this effort…

CL is one of our terms, and it stands for Child Lover.

Myself being a Child Lover…I naturally wanted to keep an eye on this…Because these people are potentially causing even more trouble for us, than anybody else they may target.

The LGBTQ feels mocked?…

…Well, they coyly stole and incorporated one of our well used identifiers…How do you imagine we feel?

…And we’ve still got the PizzaGate B.S. dragging on, from these idiots.

A Comment Demanding Response:


“This seems like something NAMBLA would do. Are they connected to this somehow?” – Tim Peter

On what do you base this fantastical leap of yours, Tim?

Having watched NAMBLA [I was considering joining, at one point in time] for a good solid fifteen years or more…I can tell you they have no history of this kind of thing, at all. In fact, it sounds exactly like something NAMBLA would steer absolutely clear of…Nothing about NAMBLA’s historical conduct, indicates that they want anything to do with this type of behavior.

For your information…NAMBLA has been accused of all sorts of ridiculous things.

Here are only a few of them:

a) Newgon and NAMBLA Covered in Media
b) Shooting Cuomo in the Face? | NAMBLA Verifies, Shooting Cuomo is a Hoax
c) The Character Assassination of NAMBLA… | An Unfinished Project Concerning Curley V NAMBLA
d) Etan Patz | GROUP ASSERTS PICTURE IS OF MODEL, NOT OF ETAN PATZ | The Disappearance of Etan Patz and, With Him, Another Age | Etan Patz Biography

NAMBLA is no stranger, to having both gross distortions of it’s organization spread about, and incredulous accusations of criminal activity made against it.

In a world where almost nobody cares to look closer, check facts and dig deeper, before swallowing these stories wholesale…NAMBLA is the sort of group, which is forced to be unquestionably scrupulous and on the level…unlike virtually any other group in existence, past or present.

Tim…you clearly do not have understanding of NAMBLA’s intent, code and mode of conduct, focus and manpower…

NAMBLA has nothing to do with harassing other marginalized groups…When it was still allowed, it used to help support other such groups.

NAMBLA has such little manpower, that it has trouble keeping regular updates [IE: adding new articles and commentaries] on it’s website…even with at least two volunteers overseeing it.

…And you have the idea, that they’ve all run off to commit this “CLoverGender” hoax, for a lark?

NAMBLA is one of the only groups I can name, which stood up and fought in court, to protect one of the most crucial rights in the U.S. Constitution…Had NAMBLA lacked the will to fight, it would have established devastating case law…which could have ultimately had wide reaching consequences on everybody in the USA. The day they can arrest you for sharing information, or sharing an opinion…is the day the first amendment right to free speech is dead.

The entire USA owes a debt of gratitude to NAMBLA, on this ground alone.

There has never been a more of the people, for the people patriotic, pro-freedom group in the USA, than NAMBLA.

Call that personal opinion, if you want…but it’s based on many years of following NAMBLA, and it’s leaders.

NAMBLA actually embodies, most American ideals…and fights on behalf of them.

…Most people are just too blind to see this.