OLF – EQF Four Year Anniversary on WordPress…


Date: January 28, 2017


This always sneaks up on me…and I strangely happen to log in, on the same day this occurs, most of the time…leaving me with the sense that I must post something, to mark the occasion.

Well…It’s already been four years?…It seems like I was just breaking ground here, a few years ago…It’s hard to believe this incarnation of Our Love Frontier is four years old…Making it the oldest incarnation, yet…Which I’m pretty sure was true last year [age three], as well.

Let’s reflect, and take stock…

What has happened these last four years?

Well…I’ve released a ton of music, over about fifteen musical albums…of varying length and quality.

I’ve refurbished and created something like 40 sub-blogs…or is it closer to fifty?

M.A. Voice was introduced, and had it’s one year birthday about a month back…

M.A. TV was introduced…

I’ve really brought EQ Community links to the point of being something substantial…And Atheist Media Links is also shaping up into something…though still mostly the podcast section.

There are well over 1600 posts on this blog…a mixture of old and new content.

I moved the EQF homepage onto this blog…and have several functioning websites, within the page sections of this blog.

I’ve continued to write for “In Self Defense: The Life and Times of an Atheist BoyLover”, and even had a bit of a resurgence in 2016…Though I need to publish most of them…and I want most narrated.

I finally got an audio message forum up and running…Which kind of reminds me of the early days, on the EQF website…back when I made audio recording available, there…It’s up near the top of this blog…Granted, I was ill while recording a few of these…But it’s nice to have there.

I celebrated my ten year anniversary in the blogosphere, here on this WordPress blog.

…I’m sure I could go on.

This last year has been ablaze with activity…I’ve honestly never been more active, blogging…and I’m happy to say, that I’m finally getting some commenters.

Well…Here is to the next four years of blogging…or ten…or twenty?…more?


2 thoughts on “OLF – EQF Four Year Anniversary on WordPress…

    1. eqfoundation Post author


      I’m flattered you would say so, leonard. 🙂

      I really didn’t know what would happen when I came to WordPress…But it’s turned out to be really good to [and for] me.


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