Social Justice Lecturer vs Brexit…

Date: January 28, 2017

01) Social Justice Lecturer vs Brexit

This reminds me so much, of the way most people talk about MAPs…

…They ignore 99.999% of the facts, and throw at you a parade of extremely weak talking points and slogans…which themselves could be disproven, with a little bit of research.

These sorts depend on the public’s lazy apathy…and the public’s need for something, or someone, to demonize and unite against.


Donald Trump may have been elected to perform a handful of promises he made to the U.S. public…and he may be working to make good on those promises…

…but he was not elected to turn the presidential cabinet into a freak show…

The quality and nature of his picks, feel an awful lot like an unanticipated slight of hand…

…I mean…it’s Trump…and he’s a wild card…But I’m not so sure a lot of people saw this coming.

Trump may have successfully tapped into the sentiments of the public…

…But today, he’s seeming more like maybe he was just a well calculated plant, organized and put in place by ultra conservatives…and religious loonies.

“The state is not more important than the people…The people are the state.”

This is a great social ideal…and one which western nations often claim to hold as a core principle…

…But in practice, these countries love their scapegoats and class ladders, as much as anybody else…They love having people to spit on, hold in contempt and abuse relentlessly…It’s just that western countries are more mindful at concealing their own treachery, and failures as a civilization.

The biggest difference, is “the west’s” ability to sanitize the dialogue and rhetoric.

“The people are sovereign”?

…No…they most certainly are not.

If you’ve got a massive collection of people, who want nothing more than to be treated like the Borg…then I guess you’ve got something on which to speculate, maybe, a kind of sovereignty could exist…But it’s reliant on a collective platform, and not a true sovereignty everyone can realize.

This “sovereignty” is little more than a bid to seize power, which can be overthrown by any other Borg collective that has the numbers behind it.

…Which is why western governments tend to be such an insane clustered mess, of endless pendulum swinging…from one extreme to another.

Most people just get helplessly dragged along with it…That is not sovereignty.

One positive thing I can say about the ruling class of other types of countries…is that they are at least honest about what they are…usually.

Here “in the west”…we just lie to ourselves, to make ourselves feel better…because the truth of the matter is very ugly…and many fear the price, of actually forcing things to change.

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