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Bernie Sanders’ BRILLIANT Response To Trump’s Speech To Congress…

Date: February 28, 2017

01) Bernie Sanders’ BRILLIANT Response To Trump’s Speech To Congress

“Bernie Sanders isn’t buying what Donald Trump is selling. In his response to the President’s first speech before Congress, Sanders calls out Trump for going back on his campaign promises, lying about corporate tax rates, and continues his push for a single-payer healthcare system.”

Stefan Molyneux: What is Sexual Freedom?…and other thoughts…

Date: February 27, 2017

Please excuse that this isn’t well formatted, and it’s a short hodgepodge of responses, which is likely to miss a lot of what else is offered in this video…Stefan Molyneux can be a goldmine of things to respond too…But I don’t have the time, or inclination, to set through this entire video right now…

I went through my phase of watching his videos, three or so years back…It wasn’t a long phase…and I am totally over it…I don’t generally pay attention to them, anymore.

01) MILO

“Milo Yiannopoulos stood tall for free speech, and against the puritanical language fascism of political correctness. As a good-looking, ridiculously articulate gay man, he could have found a comfortable place to nestle in leftist cliches, and would have been welcomed by the establishment with open arms. Instead, he turned his considerable charm, talents, humor and intellect on the enemies of free thought and free speech – helping to provoke and reveal the violence and hatefulness of dangerous and powerful elements within Western society.

And now, he stands on a precipice, which we really need to examine in detail.

In the span of 48 hours, Milo Yiannopoulos has fallen from grace in the eyes of many. He has lost his quarter million dollar book deal, he has resigned from his influential position at Breitbart, and been disinvited from his prestigious speaking engagement at CPAC.”

The “alienation” myth:

Well…this is quickly going down hill.

You imagine that a prime factor of our chosen associations with children, hinges on whether or not we can “alienate” the child from their family?…Really?…Honestly?…You believe that?

This is rhetoric…plain and simple.

Here Stephen is, trying to put forward the novel argument…that because adolescents are going through heavy hormone changes [and their mind is not fully formed…a common, yet irrelevant, claim]…they are not actually free, in any choice to pursue sexual relations…because they are bound by their biology, to do such things…

So…you’re not actually free, because you are biologically predisposition to do these things?…

You’re “wrestling with puberty and approaching adulthood”…and you want to have sex, a lot…So, when sex presents itself, this is some kind of bondage…or entrapment…?!…

…That is curious logic.

Freedom is only a right to say “no”…balanced with a right to say “yes”…

If you don’t have these two options, existing in equal measure…then there is no freedom.

When a need is there…and you have a chance to fill that need…being inhibited from filling that need, is the bondage and entrapment.

I totally get why people dislike Stefan Molyneux:

…And I don’t say that because of this one, isolated example of strong disagreement…

…I say it, because I’ve noticed what a lot of people have noticed…this kind of self aggrandizing guru aura, he seems to place upon himself…as some possessor of the moral compos.

He can be very interesting to listen too…very charismatic…and has a good voice for this type of thing…

…But he falls into a lot of the same social trappings, as anybody else…His intellect isn’t really that amazing, or superior…Which is not the same thing as saying it’s irrelevant…or particularly dumb…

…But when you’ve built your business and life around “The Truth About…” videos on YouTube…it’s just…Stephen does not have “The Truth” about anything, in his own back pocket.

I understand why some people have compared him to a cult leader.

The problem here, Stefan Molyneux, is that you are equating intergenerational love with violence [or at least violation]…And that is where your position falls apart.

Who says that defending a child’s right to chose to exercise their own sexual agency, is not speaking in defense of the child?

Who says that fighting to get the sex fascists out of the lives of every human being, is not speaking on behalf of the interests of children?

Those fascists are treacherous against sexually active children.

Interdegenerational Milo…

Date: February 27, 2017

01) Interdegenerational Milo

“(attempt at a) take on the Milo furore.”

Deluding one’s self, to avoid believing they are a victim:

There are a number of mental gymnastics that “normal” people go through, in order to deny the validity of these kinds of relationships…and this is one of them.

Just completely sidestep the quality and nature of the relationship [as well as it’s outcome], and reframe it as “abuse” by default.

It’s a simplistic and obviously corrupt tactic…but if enough people get behind it, then whomever they decide to designate “a victim” may find it impossible to fight back…especially if they lack an equal or larger group of their own, to stand by them.

Milo has every right to call the relationship in question beneficial, positive, wonderful, etc, etc…whether with a priest, or a drag queen [as the story may have evolved, or happened with more than one person]. If this was his experience with it, then he has a right to clarify it as such.

That it makes certain other people pissy, only points to the fact that those other people have a psychological, and ethical, deficiency…and that they are being aggressive towards minority sexuality, and the people who’ve benefited from it.

Trivializing the suffering of others, by enjoying the experience:

This is another one of the dirty tactics…pitting two unassociated groups, and their interests, against each other…pretending as though the people having a genuinely good experience with their own sexuality, are somehow “in the way of” and “inhibiting” the protection of other people who are being sexually brutalized, or forced against their will.

It is a brazenly false equation.

The only thing that is really happening here…is that people who would be sexually active of their own accord, are being forced to conform to a social norm, with the poor excuse that “they cannot protect victims, without doing this” as the catalyst.

Real victims are being exploited…in order to enforce a moralistic social norm.

We could suggest that the establishment is just too lazy, to put in the work of investigating and making intelligent distinctions…But more likely, it is a combination of this cash cow of forcing people through “the justice system”, and religious moral outrage, and sex panic…and phobia of social change.

Is it selfish for a pedophile, hebephile or ephebophile to say it’s okay?:

Just because something may fit one’s own needs, does not make them “selfish” in talking about it positively…nor render them incapable of giving insightful, valuable and honest opinion on the issue.

I mean…really…this is possibly the only human interaction I can think of…where they essentially forbid you from saying anything positive about it…and they get even more hysterical, if you are at all inclined to take part in such things.

This is all part of the social censorship and concealment…You must repeat the rhetoric…and they don’t allow the people with practical, level headed and positive experience, to take part in the dialogue.

What we get is a subjective, hysterical feeding frenzy…It does nothing but reassert and reaffirm, the skewed and hysterical mindset…and acts as a menacing warning, to anyone who might wish to speak differently.

You knew about this ages ago?:

You know what?…So did I.

…I posted about his appearance on the Joe Rogan show…almost a year ago.

This has actually been floating around out there, for a long time…

…Apparently, those out to get Milo wanted to be strategic in their timing…which says a number of things about them.

Yes, Milo has lost, and lost, and lost…over saying something, that needs to be said:

It says everything about this war on freedom and human sexuality, and the people behind it…when they refuse to face you directly…and the only way they can win, is by making it impossible for you to even fight…or fight back.

Destroying one’s ability to sustain themselves, is a common tactic of these power tripping cowards.

…They wouldn’t even know what to do, if they were confronted with us in masses…and they were actually forced to answer for their own actions…They’d likely be scrambling for any route of escape, while simultaneously soiling their underwear.

…They never actually have to justify their own behavior…They just ride the popular social wave, that’s already been built for them…and throw stones at others, from their point of advantage…pretending that they’re some kind of moral human being.

I guess this guy is a white nationalist…apparently…I may not have a whole lot more I wish to respond to…We’ll see.

A few thoughts:

I would agree, the alt right and Milo were strange bed fellows.

…But I think it was more the young, millennial right, who was embracing him…and they are substantially different where it comes to homosexuality, than the historical right has been.

I almost find it hard recognizing them as being on the right.

“Purity spiraling”?:

I suppose…this did all come back around, to bite a lot of people in the behind…in a sense.

I wouldn’t suggest Milo sacrificed himself, just to be a plant and egg the face of the alt right…but it does make you wonder, what he was doing in allowing himself to be associated with them. Maybe it’s that the alt right is new, and not well defined?

It’s disgusting watching people attack Milo, at his low point:

I fully agree.

I make no excuse for my own harsh words towards Milo, in this…

…I’ll just clarify once more, the framework in which I offered them…

…I’m sick to death of watching people wade into the social issues of MAPs, and causing a spectacle…when they wont even stand by their own words and convictions, in the aftermath.

There was no reason for Milo to even go there, in the first place…But he did, and it cost him big…And now he’s backtracking, and playing “the victim” card [and repeating common rhetoric], to garner public sympathy and soften the blow he is receiving.

What?…is this waffling troll now going to end up a “victim’s rights” advocate, as part of his public penance?

He’s already established, just how quickly he can jump onto that crazy train…when he was previously moving in an opposite direction.

He’s clarified…it’s “anything that’s best for me in the moment”…

Nobody needs an “ally” like that.

This whole thing is just incredulous.

Coordinated attacks:

I totally agree with you…I find this to be amongst the scummiest of social behavior.

It’s a tactic of overwhelming people…It’s often bullying, as well.

Shitty to kick someone, while they are down:

Yes, it is…

…But it’s also a good time for discussion, when something like this comes about.

The shitty behavior of various people, should be dissected…and called out, for what it is.

The better people know how to focus on the issues, while not demonizing Milo for expressing a viewpoint.

To me…this spectacle is clearly about extreme social intolerance…

…and the only thing that condemns Milo…is Milo’s own response to it.

…I guess he doesn’t really care so much about free speech, and social intolerance, after all.

…Very disappointing, coming from someone who’s styled himself as some kind of champion, regarding those issues.

Okay…I’m bailing on this one…I’m a third of the way through…and this is moving way too slow.

I really don’t like these long videos, where people just ramble on…not when it comes to making these sorts of responses…It could conceivably take me three hours or more, to get through this, if there is much meaty substance to respond to…and I don’t have all day for this.

If you see something else deserving comment…please give your thoughts, in the comments section.

Teresa Huizar…


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Date: February 27, 2017

01) The Conversation We Need To Have About Milo, Child Sexual Abuse, And The Myth Of Consent

“In part, I am cheered to know that in 2017, American society still finds defending the rape of children beyond the realm of acceptable discourse. But fascinating as it is to recount Milo’s many other transgressions, his gut-churning comments about child sexual abuse reveal a vile and all-too-common myth: that children can somehow consent to sex with adults. They can’t. Full stop.


It’s heartbreaking to see an admitted child sexual abuse victim like Milo attempt to minimize his trauma by insisting that he chose it. In the world of Children’s Advocacy Centers, where we coordinate the investigation of child abuse and provide services to heal the trauma it causes, we hear it over and over—from the incest victim who has been told by her father that she “came on” to him to the child abused by his coach that truly thought that the person who exploited him loved him.”

So…this high priestess of the Cult of Crotch Politics has used the Milo spectacle, to chant her hyperbole.

You know…putting Milo aside…One of the indefensible wrongs in defining rape so broadly, and consent so narrowly…is that you get these fanatics, who think everybody below a subjective age is destroyed by the taint of sex…and they have no qualms at all, about letting the propaganda horse out of the gate, and totally letting it rip a patch down the track.

…And she’s apparently someone who sustains herself, on the sex abuse industry…lovely

There is nothing new here…Just another fanatic, who thinks they can scream “child rape!” at will, and appeal to their own rhetoric, to outrage their readers…Make people believe, that the conversation she is citing, is something that it was not.

In the context of the original conversation…Milo merely suggested, that maybe thirteen year olds have a right to choice…and maybe they’d experience life enrichment, from making said choice.

…Hardly a scandal, for anyone who can think past a law book, or child rape horror stories…or Victorian morals…or their own weekly paycheck…

…It’s not a scandal at all, for anyone in possession of a tiny bit of human empathy…and some fair, common sense.

Milo…no matter what I may think of his back peddling…He did not defend raping children…and this parasitic woman should be ashamed of herself, for even suggesting such a thing.

She is a prime example, of the very type of people who deserve being de-platformed [and fired, and losing a book deal, and, and, and…]…and have karma come back around, to smack upside her cocky, arrogant head.


Scientists Make Biggest Breakthrough in Quest to Find Life Beyond Earth…

Date: February 26, 2017

01) Scientists Make Biggest Breakthrough in Quest to Find Life Beyond Earth

“A NASA space telescope trained on the dwarf star known as Trappist-1, located about 39 light years (or 235 trillion miles) from Earth, has revealed no fewer than seven Earth-like planets orbiting around it. The new discovery marks the first time astronomers have found so many terrestrial planets orbiting a single star. Three of those planets are located within the habitable zone around the parent star, making it more likely they could have liquid water flowing on the surface—considered a necessary condition for planets to sustain life as we know it. Scientists say the newly discovered star system could be their biggest break to date in the quest to find life beyond Earth.”


…I lay claim to the one in the middle!…And I christen it “Love”!…as shall be the law of the land…

…If you do not live by love…you are not welcome on my planet!

Milo, Spino and Prudence…

Date: February 24, 2017

01) Milo, Spino and Prudence

What I Like:

Sargon…I like that you have the capacity to think deeper, to search for deeper meaning…and the integrity, to outwardly say what is on your mind…and to do so in a clear, self composed manner.

This is highly refreshing, and invigorating…And with this kind of offering, here…you provide precisely the kind of thing I love to delve into.

Tainted Viewpoint:

…And your viewpoint, Sargon, and how you talk about this issue, is likewise tainted by the way you have been raised, by your own experience [or lack their of], and by the bias of what culture you grew up in.

“Tainted” is a rather loaded term, when used here.

Even if we agreed to use it…so what?

…It’s just slapping a loaded label, on top of a different world and social view on human sexuality…Just another tactic, to make it sound diminished and corrupt…when there has been no justification, in representing it such a way.

Losing Agency:

A question should be posed here…

Personal agency has been lost…yes…

…But do you comprehend, that in many of these cases…the agency lost, was the legal and socially approved ability to consent to a sexual relationship one wanted?

The agency lost is of a loss of personal control, over one’s body and sexuality…yes…

…But you, like most, seem to keep falling back to the default…of blaming this aggression and theft, upon the older partner in the relationship…when you have utterly no justification in doing that.

True existence of personal agency, demands that personal viewpoint, attraction and choice be respected by all [at least to the extent, that they don’t prohibitively interfere]…If the state, or other actors, strip individuals of the ability to express or experience these things…then personal agency has already been stolen from the individual.

The Trappings of “Molestation”:

You, Sargon, are still clearly caught up in the trappings of socially imposed “victimhood”…and loaded terms like “molestation” and “sexual assault”…both of which are distorted, in the manner they often get used.

As was used in this case…they are used to inhibit boys [teens] and men, from getting together for sexual relations…

…It’s a form of social bigotry…It’s not about saving boys.

When We Like and Value Our Experience:

This is quite an inconvenience for the establishment…and the primary reason why they don’t allow minors to speak for themselves…and why they badger and bully, those who attempt to.

So many people out there believe, that this isn’t supposed to happen…that we are never going to naturally do these things, for our own reasons and our own fulfillment…

…And they are dead wrong.

How to explain this to you?…

…Here is a personal perspective…

I am homosexual…and as far back as I can remember…I always have been.

…Yet, I’ve never had sexual relations with another male.

It’s personally complicated…and I don’t wish to pursue it, at this point in my life…What is legal, is scarcely interesting…What is illegal, is socially perilous…And I’m not up to the effort and commitment.

…But there was a long, long portion of my life, when I was starving for it…when I was young, and this is simply what sexual excitement and sexual fulfillment are to me.

Oh…I had a few fun experiences, with girls…It was heterosexual…They were worthwhile…but that was not the fundamental me…That was a transient exploration, along the way…to what would have been my natural destination.

…Almost half a century old…and I’ve never arrived at my destination…I’ve only lived a life, under this fucked up social cloud…an endless flow of ignorant mouths, trying to tell me who and what I am…and constantly threatening me, for being different from them.

…These people don’t even know me…I’ve done nothing sexually, for which any reasonable mind would condemn me.

I just know…that after a sexually moral life…bending over backwards, catering to social phobia by willingly impoverishing my own human needs…there hasn’t even been the concession by society, of acknowledging what this has fundamentally done to people like me…who’ve hurt ourselves, to give them what they claim to want.

In return for this…it’s just an endless onslaught, of venom, threats, abuse, attempts at tormenting…and being victimized by censorship.

Aside from the fact that I’ve never gone to prison [which I can see as nothing more than state sponsored terrorism]…there has been no net benefit to my life and existence, in playing by the rules of this warped game, of human sexual politics.

…The “up” side…is avoiding prison, or being murdered…

…How monumentally fucked up is that, Sargon?

…And it is all so disconnected, from any objective assessment of what is actually going on in the world…and of what such a sexual relationship, would actually consist of.

See…People like me [who view our sexuality in a positive light] figured out a long time ago…that when we are objectively doing no harm, and yet they continue to punish and abuse us…what the aggressors claim to be after, is not what they are truthfully after.

When they have to construct a house of cards, and make up lies about us just so they can keep attacking us…they have an agenda, which falls outside of what they are claiming it is.

I have a fundamental human need, I have been deprived of…It is something [a freedom and experience] central, to completing the fulfillment of my life…

…I will likely never have this fundamental thing, which virtually everybody else takes for granted in their own lives…

…And I’m hated, for even pointing out the fact of this state of things.

I’ve lived a life playing by the social rules…weathering the brunt of abuse and injury…and I’m still hated and reviled, no matter what I do…but especially when I step forward, in the capacity of a social peacemaker.

I’ve been out here doing this general type of thing, for almost twenty years…

…You “normal” people cannot even fathom, the sorts of hell you put us through.

What is just as insane…is trying to force us to accept your narrative on human sexuality…even when your narrative is clearly a lie.

Even in the face of us seeing the lie…you want us to agree with the lie, in order to perpetuate and sustain the lie…because you want this lie, to be fundamental in how society is structured.

You know…I wanted the ability to honestly live my life, share enriching experiences with others…and even make my mistakes along the way…You know…the ability to be human, and have a full human life…But so much of this has been stripped of me, right from the start.

At this point in my life…it means everything to me, that others in this world have inhibited my ability to peacefully and joyfully live with those who would accept me…

…It means everything to me, that those aggressors continue to wreak this destruction, upon so called sexual undesirables.

It’s all rooted in their own phobia…that somehow, humankind will crash and burn, if they afford intergenerational sexuality a little bit of common sense tolerance.

That broken logic, is a slap in the face.

But to bring this back around to the original point…A lot of people would call me a child sex abuse victim…despite that the experience was not traumatic, and I look back upon it quite fondly.

In fact…I kick myself today, for not having pursued it more, myself…The few experiences I had, could have been multiple times more…And that would have been nice.

If we were going to cross that line…we might as well have made the most of it.

Your Pity:

Please save your pity, Sargon. People who had good experiences, are not to be pitied…They are to be celebrated.

If you want to pity us for anything…pity the fact that we have been cruelly denied the ability, to express our own honest cognition outwardly…and denied the ability to celebrate what has given our lives meaning.

People like us [sexual outcasts]…our very humanity [and what allows people to empathize with us] has been wiped clean from social consciousness…and there are terrible, inhumane consequences, that flow from this social disconnect…That is the only ground here, on which pity is justified.

But instead of pity…a lot of us prefer you would understand what is going on, become just as outraged as we are…and fight back against the true problem taking place.

A Coping Mechanism:


…I’m not sure what’s so offensive, about affording someone else the right to their own cognition, without constantly second guessing them…or dismissing the validity, of where their judgment of their own life experiences has led them…

In fact…it’s extremely insulting and demeaning, for you to talk about people with that past, in this way.

This judgment is not yours, Sargon…It does not matter, whether you, or even 99.999% of all humans to ever live, think it’s icky, gross and unnatural…or even the dreaded “abuse”…

The individual experiences, as well as judgments of their quality and nature, belong to the individual…It is not up for public vote.

…Sure…they claim it to be illegal…but lots of laws are bullshit.

You’re doing nothing more than parroting the mindset, of those who hold power…

…And we both know, their integrity and track record is not so great.

A person has no need for coping mechanisms, when the experiences of their life are fantastic…

…Problem is…all of you out there, who stubbornly dictate to the rest of us…that the fantastic experiences of our lives, were somehow “not” fantastic…As if you’d even know this.

…Such a grotesque overstepping of boundaries, in human decency.

You should be ashamed and embarrassed of yourselves, in doing this.

Giving a Pass to “The Abused”:

Let’s take stock of what has occurred…

…Milo is a living troll, who pokes fun at things in this world he [and many of us] see as being wrong…Sometimes, he’s especially talented at dissecting social issues, while further outraging the chronically outraged…He went on a tour, calling himself “The Dangerous Fagot”, just to have fun pissing people off, while making a point about free speech…

…A year ago, he dropped a few common sense comments about hebephilia, ephebophilia and intergenerational, homosexual relationships, that were level headed, and in line with some countries historic views on human sexuality…[The U.S. and the U.K. are not the entire world, you know?…Humans exist outside of these places that have iron fisted, sex prohibition laws…Not all places are obsessive anti sex prisons, on the same level as the U.S. and U.K.]…

Social Justice Warriors seized on this, and decided to make a spectacle out of it.

The only thing Milo even said in that segment which was wrong, or could be classified as actual hate speech…was his characterizing pedophilia as “horrific” [or what similar term he used]…As a pedophile, I think Milo should educate himself and apologize for that smear of a comment.

Beyond that…what he said, was honest and morally correct…Only mentally unhinged fanatics, should have any problem with what Milo said about hebephilia and ephebophilia.

Yes…true…we have an infestation of those exact kind of fanatics, on this planet…And most people are to timid to stand up to them, and their bullying…But make no mistake…they are wrong, in what they are doing. Just because they are here and have overwhelming numbers on their side of ignorance, does nothing to excuse them.

So…a mutiny occurred with the people who work under Milo…and he lost a book deal…And the very next day, Mr. hyper flamboyant appears before the press, subdued and looking very squarely normal…and playing the “I’m a victim, too!” card…with his long face, and looking for pity…

…groveling to these malicious fanatics…backtracking…and displaying to us all, just exactly what his words and opinions are worth…If he’s put under enough pressure…well…We see the proof, right before us.

Don’t take that the wrong way…Because I have absolutely never expected Milo to stand up for anything, whatsoever, that was socially difficult…His chosen fights were easy…and he had an army of supporters, to keep him afloat. I expected that most of it was bluster and show…that he’s never had to stand in a minority, “against the world”…and that the moment he’s isolated, his façade would crumble.

My only question is…why was he foolish enough to wade into this issue, if he wasn’t even willing to stand by his own stated convictions?

…He should have kept his meek self out of it, instead of allowing himself to be turned into what will undoubtedly be characterized, as “another cowardly pedophile advocate, publically shamed and crushed into submission”.

As the living article, with a very long track record…let me just say…we don’t need anymore of this fucking stupidity, thank you very much.

The guy wasn’t even particularly kind to us pedophiles…At no point in time, was he ever part of our movement, or an advocate for us.

Just because Milo wants to spin his past experiences as “abuse”, in a transparent attempt at saving his own ass…this does not evoke sympathy in me…There are countless “last minute converts”, when people have been backed into a hard, painful corner…where they can make the difficult and principled decision…or they can cower and bow in submission.

Milo chose to cower and bow…In respect to child and pedophile advocacy…he is absolutely irrelevant…except that now, he is a trophy for the mouth frothing fanatics.

Does Milo deserve grace, because he wants to rewrite his past statements and experiences?…

…Even if I agreed he was abused, does this honestly change anything?

…With regards to this issue and upholding it’s integrity, it sure as hell never should.

Let the unprofessional mouthy man, go off and be a coward…He does not have the first clue, of what being the standard barer of integrity means.

…And if I’m sounding a bit cross right about now…It’s because I’m fed up with these sorts, dropping themselves into our political backyard, when they never had any intention of standing up for a single fucking thing.

…Whether it’s the Gary Glitters, traveling the world chasing young pussy…or even just your typical child porn convict…We’ve had too many people, publically paraded and pilloried…reduced to a bunch of blubbering crybabies, begging the world to forgive them for who they are.

It’s time for those of us who have nothing to apologize for…to stop apologizing, to the world assaulting us.

I’m a little over eight minutes into this video…and I’m spent…It’s been a long day…I started this post earlier…There are several videos concerning this, that I wanted to highlight and respond too…I’ve just reached a point, where I am stopping.

If anything especially egregious [or relevant] is offered up in the remainder Sargon’s video, we can chew it over in the comments section.


PRESS CONFERENCE: Milo Yiannopoulos Resigns from Breitbart, Tells Story of Past Sexual Abuse:

Milo Yiannopoulos Statement

I did not know, you were this kind of a small minded bigot, Milo…I guess it’s because I don’t pay that much attention to you.

M.A. Voice: Issue 18 – February 23, 2017…


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Date: February 23, 2017

01) Kristofor Xavier [updates by K. Beylant in 2014]: Gene G. Abel’s Statistical Crimes

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02) Filip30: Sueton and J. Darling about Tiberius
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04) Eric Tazelaar: When Labour Loved Liberty (and before they changed their minds)

05) Tom O’Carroll: Jimmy the screamer caught in VICE racket

06) Viamund The Rake: Non-Pornographic Images Of Children Being Banned Worldwide

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