Date: February 08, 2017

01) Song to Say Goodbye – Placebo (High Quality)

This may seem like a totally inappropriate song, given it’s lyrics…But I feel like, given the complicated state of our relationship over the decades…this song and video embodies the experience…And I’ve been drawn too it, over and over, in the weeks after my father’s death.

For some reason…this song kept coming back to me, in the months leading up to his death, as well…

It’s hard to explain…I knew in my gut, that time was short…I could feel it…Maybe, it’s just an extra sense you have, when you’ve known someone all of your life.

I’ve recently had three dreams, in which he has made an appearance…They were all strange…

…But the one that’s meant the most, is the one where I was walking along…Where?…I have no idea…though I think it was dark…and something floats up behind me, and hugs me from my back…And for a second, I know it is him…and he says, “I love you”…and then is gone…

I don’t believe in these things as a literal thing…Sometimes, I wish I did…But, in times of stress and mourning, your mind can be especially active in dreams…and focused on whatever is happening.

It would be nice to think, I’ve had a literal contact with dad.

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