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Social Justice/Freedom of Speech: Bill C16 Debate Queen’s Law School…

Date: February 09, 2017

01) Social Justice/Freedom of Speech: Bill C16 Debate Queen’s Law School

“On Jan 21st 2017 I was invited by the Runnymede Society, a law student group, to debate Bill C16, a Canadian Federal bill that adds gender identity and gender expression to the list of protected groups in Canada, and makes discrimination in those categories a form of hate speech. Professor Bruce Pardy (http://bit.ly/2ljWlMB) spoke in support of the law and its accompanying policies. SPOILER ALERT: The Runnymede society approached six different law school professors, trying to find someone who would debate me, without success. Professor Pardy played devil’s advocate.”

Pet Shop Boys…


Date: February 09, 2017

It’s Alright:

Was It Worth It?:


Always On My Mind :

It’s a Sin:

[Jean Michel Jarre & Pet Shop Boys – 2016] Brick England:

“It’s a Sin” was my emotional theme song, for most of my early life…and I just absolutely loved it, when it was originally playing on the radio.

The others are my favorite PSB tracks…and they include a very surprise collaboration track from 2016…They’ve put out some nice stuff, over the last couple of decades…but I never thought I’d see the day return, where they legitimately had strong hit material…It’s a crime that this one didn’t get any publicity…or air play.

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