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Child sex doll trial opens Pandora’s box of questions about child porn…


Date: February 15, 2017

01) Child sex doll trial opens Pandora’s box of questions about child porn

“There’s a trial going on in Newfoundland that centres on the contents of a long, rectangular box.

What’s in it would most likely disgust and infuriate many, but others think it could actually be beneficial to society.

Inside the box is an unassembled child sex doll, shipped from Japan. The doll has not been entered into evidence yet. So far, the only ones to see it are the police, officials with the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) and an expert who has only seen pictures of it.

The package is addressed to St. John’s resident Kenneth Harrisson, a 51-year-old electrician now on trial for possessing child pornography. He has pleaded not guilty.

Child porn cases usually include images of kids being sexually exploited. You have actual victims.

But the Harrisson case, which began in St. John’s last January and resumes Feb. 14, raises the question of whether an inanimate object constitutes child porn.

Retired RCMP Supt. Bill Malone has not seen the doll but has screened thousands of images of child porn over his 26-year career and believes this object falls into that category.

“When I look at the descriptions of the doll in the paper, in the newspapers, and how it is described and what it’s for, and those sorts of things, I am of the opinion, and I’m sure I always will be, that it is child pornography,” said Malone.

Toronto-based clinical psychologist Dr. James Cantor disagrees, and, in his opinion, what Harrisson is on trial for does not constitute child porn.

“Actual child pornography is evidence itself of a crime being committed. But that’s not the case with a child sex doll,” said Cantor. “There is no actual person. It is a piece of latex. So, if there is no victim where is there, exactly, a harm being committed?”


Collins, who was qualified by the judge in the case to give his expert opinion at Harrisson’s trial, wrote, “In my professional opinion, the possession of a sex doll is just another form of depicting a child for a sexual purpose and therefore would meet the criteria for child pornography.”

Well…Canada is trying to broaden the legal definition of “child pornography”, to include even more things that have no connection to actual children.

Canada has a thing, about blatant prosecution of thought crime…especially when you are a MAP.

Of course…these people pushing this case are, themselves, predators…Predators who are trying to ensnare Canadian MAPs.

The day has come…when these people and agencies, and perhaps even the governments and court systems need to be arrested, and placed on trial for high crimes against humanity.

The malicious and incompetent inmates are running the asylum.

…When is our day of justice in this world, going to come?

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