2 thoughts on “Not going to school…

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      My parents got divorced, and my mother and I went to live with my aunt, uncle and cousins. They had cable television, and it was my first experience living in a home with cable TV…

      Nickelodeon was a brand new channel for kids…and we watched a lot of it, in the early days…

      There was a lot of old comic reruns…maybe Lassie reruns…and then there was this one live show, “You Can’t Do That On Television”…Kind of like “Saturday Night Live”, but with a cast of kids.

      We watched it quite a lot…And yes, there were some very cute boys on that show.

      This was the same summer that Alasdair Gillis performed his legendary…um…”skit”?…where every stitch of clothing flew off of his body, and he totally flashed, potentially millions of Canadian and American [and wherever else] kids…for a split second.

      I somehow doubt that got included in commercially available YCDTOTV collections…But it would be fun to see, again.

      Sadly, the cancer of Viacom is zealously shutting down YCDTOTV episodes, that are uploaded to YouTube…and one of my previous posts already suffered that fate…Which leaves me with the quandary, of whether I should post anymore…Already have one post, ready to go.


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