Why Child Pornography Concealment is Immoral…


Date: February 18, 2017

It’s all a grotesque sham, where they remove everything from public view, and thus remove it from public scrutiny [which is critical to any functional civilization]…put in place life destroying consequences, for those who investigate for themselves…and dictate down from on high, how everybody else is to behave…

…”Only they, can tell us all how to think and behave.”…”Only they can define, and talk about with authority, what the issue and content in question is.”…

As things are…nobody can even call these liars “liars”, or show why they are malicious liars…without being hurt [potentially destroyed] by doing such.

It’s immoral…because it’s dishonest…and it prevents us from seeing the thing in question, for what it honestly is.

It’s immoral…because a profitable industry has been built upon these malicious practices…an industry which can only be reasonably recognized, as a modern day form of human slavery…and exploitation of humans, as if they are chattel.

It’s immoral…because it’s designed, to prevent any sort of change to the dogmatic ideology it represents.

It’s immoral…because it creates fractured groups of outcasts within society…and prevents them from being able to live in society, or take any meaningful part in society.

It’s immoral…because it is self defeating…and is creating the social ill will, which can only come back around to haunt it’s own people.

It’s immoral…because these practices are not how a healthy, transparent, respectful and just society functions.

Indeed…these practices are preventing us from living in a healthy, transparent, respectful and just society…which is why they are so utterly offensive, and indefensible.


11 thoughts on “Why Child Pornography Concealment is Immoral…

  1. Jonathan

    Yes, this is absolutely immoral. And the sense of childish guilt that is being instilled in the average person for feeling anything like an attraction to children has no parallels in any other area. What amazes me is that more have not come out against this absolute nonsense.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      Thank you for your thoughts, Jonathan.

      It’s a hard battle to fight, no doubt…But I think it’s mostly psychological…And a lot of people haven’t gotten past, what this world has saddled them with.

  2. feinmann0

    I take issue even with the term ‘child pornography’; the phrase is a corrupt distortion of reality because its use by the inquisition implies that:
    • There exists evidence of exploitation of children.
    • A naked image of a child is obscene.
    • A child behaving sexually is against human nature.
    • The genre of child erotica literature is obscene.

    This corrupt distortion of reality is a useful façade employed by the inquisition to:
    • Freely discriminate against a whole minority group on the basis of their sexual orientation with no fear of any comeback; a group incidentally that is consistently afforded no human rights.
    • In court cases claim child pornography was discovered without the requirement to exhibit it.
    • Expand the scope of what constitutes sexual crime.
    • Increase crime detection rates and thus garner additional funding.
    • Increase incarceration rates and thus profits for the incarceration industry, the mental health industry and the probation industry.
    • Limit further freedom of speech and freedom of expression for each and every member of society.
    • Criminalise children and brand them for life.
    • Further its cause to implement a totalitarian state.

    I could go on, but I did that already over at Heretic TOC recently.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      Thank you! This is a great addition to the dialogue.

      My perspective is a bit different, given that acknowledging it as pornography puts it in a similar framework with adult pornography,

      In my opinion…pornography is not immoral…it just is what it is, and it fills a social need.

      In more recent years, there have been more instigators from the inquisition [I like this appropriate terminology.], trying to nag everyone into calling this wide range of material “child abuse images”, and speak of it as “evidence of a crime scene”…

      To my mind…this needs to be pushed back against…and I’ve mindfully increased my usage of the term Child Pornography.

      I don’t believe the term belongs to them…And even if they did, by chance, happen to popularize the term’s usage…

      …As far as I’m concerned…I’ll make it my own, and treat it as fully wholesome, worthy of respect and artistically beautiful.

      I do, however, love the term Child Erotica…and maybe I’ll have to reflect a bit, on leaning more in that direction…

      I’ve always made a distinction amongst the nature of content out there…I do recognize the Child Erotica class, as you call it…And I’ve used the term before, as well.

      Maybe I should adopt that nuance, more concretely.

      It’s just that…in the broader discussion, more than Child Erotica is there…and despite it’s nature, I don’t believe it should be concealed from the public.

      I’m not changing “Child Porn Memoirs”, however…That name was intentionally constructed.

      1. feinmann0

        Yes, I think child erotica is far more apt in describing non-violent, non-coercive, positive imagery that squares more with the philosophy of Kind people. But, overarching all of that, at the societal level is the obligation of those that we elect into government to uphold the right of every citizen to see what they want to see and read what they want to read and say what they want to say, irrespective of age.

  3. Unsilenced

    Sex-hostility and immorality. Yeah. They rape children. If you talk to one of you pedophile friends as a underaged commentator, he’ll say that, when it comes to porn (which he tells you is likely going to happen to you if youre minor,) they, “not leave young girls alone… usually.” Usually. As in not always. As in they sometimes FUCK LITTLE GIRLS.

    I don’t care if everything else they touch turns into rainbow fucking sprinkles, I don’t care if being a anti-pedophile is literally Hitler, that is not acceptable.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      Structurally, your comment does not make sense…But it’s not making direct accusations against anyone specific…So, I’ll let it go through…incase anybody else wants to respond to it.

      Nobody ever said bad things never happen in this world…I expect there are violent rape videos out there…but that’s hardly just reason, to blame everybody else and all other child erotica for it.

      If we want to limit everything, on account that something terrible happened somewhere else in this world, and it somehow shares a parallel with something else…we might as well all curl up and die.

      ….What freedoms would even be left?

  4. feinmann0

    For unsilenced read unlettered. I really have no clue what pearl of wisdom they intended to communicate here, so I’ll just take it as either a deliberate attempt to pervert the course of understanding of the topic under discussion, or an abysmal attempt to re-write the lyrics of a David Bowie song.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      If either one of these is the case…shame on them, either way!

      Of course…this person is trying to be…whatever it is they are trying to be…likely a nuisance…

      I often find these sorts useful as inspiration, or at least a muse, to write, record or create something of relevance…So long as something coherent can be gleaned from whatever they’ve offered…[even if I have to infuse the coherency, myself].

      Talking [or running circles] around the gibberish, and turning their attempts at sensational spectacle creation into something productive, is quite a satisfying endeavor for me…

      …Plus, we all look so much better, when placed next to these sorts…At least we can communicate…and think…and reason…and be honest…

      Letting these sorts speak their mind [no matter how weak they may prove to be], does not bother me…In fact, it gives us all something to chew on.

      A lot of these sorts have no clue, just what a massive amount of my writing [and media] has come about, directly related to their own interactions with me [or other MAPs]…

      By good rights…I should dedicate what I do online to them…If nothing else, it would be hilarious to watch their reactions.

      1. feinmann0

        Hey dude, you may be interested to see the following comment left here: https://www.blogger.com/comment.g?blogID=26678806&postID=9183416686048485126&bpli=1 two days ago:

        ” Anonymous Emma said…

        Sex-hostility and man-hating. Yeah. They rape children. If you talk to one of the ‘straight male’ as a female commentator, she’ll say that, when it comes to sex (which he tells you is likely going to happen to you,) they, “not leave young girls alone… usually.” Usually. As in not always. As in they sometimes FUCK LITTLE GIRLS.

        I don’t care if everything else they touch turns into rainbow fucking sprinkles, I don’t care if being a lesbian feminist is literally Hitler, that is not acceptable.

        Saturday, February 18, 2017 8:18:00 AM”

        Contrast and compare.

      2. eqfoundation Post author

        Sounds like the exact same fruit loop who left a message on both of our blogs, accusingly implying that we’d both murdered a child/teen, and dumped the body in a river near where we lived.

        These sorts are total scumbags…with impotent minds.

        I have to reiterate…if she knows so much about the dumped bodies of murdered kids, as well as “little girls being fucked” [raped?]…I think the cops aught to be looking closer at her.

        …Very suspicious.

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