PewDiePie Attacks the Legacy Media…

Date: February 19, 2017

01) PewDiePie Attacks the Legacy Media: My Response to His Response

I’m really not a fan of PewDiePie, either…

I checked out his channel once…and after encountering the typical “short attention span” style, I simply closed the browser tab…and never went back.

I really, really dislike that style…and I view it as a dumbed down form of “entertainment” [which isn’t so much entertaining, as annoying], being forced down the throat of the public. It’s like a template of behavior, devised so that no-talent people can crank out mindless content.

It’s insulting that they are telling us, humans cannot pay attention long enough to absorb more than a few minutes of discussion…What a crock…

…And I think it’s also the mindless, vast mimicking of this style, by all these people running what amounts to clone channels, that also makes it come off so lame…”Everybody” wants to climb onboard, of a terrible internet trend…Nobody is original…and nearly everybody is painfully bad.

That aside…

…What’s made me pay attention to this specific situation, is the way mainstream media has invented a brazenly fake “news story”, in order to attack an internet celebrity.

Of course…this type of character assassination is nothing new to the MAP community…The mainstream media has been doing this exact sort of thing to us for decades…And while it is interesting to watch what is happening, as these shysters attempt their malice on someone who is fairly typical [and not demonized]…I must say…part of me is a bit disturbed, that the mainstream media has gotten this desperate…While another part of me is cheering on the fact, that they’re clearly treading on dangerous ground…and likely biting off more than they can chew…

…The backlash may be glorious.

I wont be crying, the day these corporate behemoths crash and burn.

…Good riddance to them.

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