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M.A. Voice: Issue 18 – February 23, 2017…


Articles and content from Minor Attracted People [MAPs], presented in no particular order and without preference or discrimination. These are diverse viewpoints.

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Date: February 23, 2017

01) Kristofor Xavier [updates by K. Beylant in 2014]: Gene G. Abel’s Statistical Crimes

On Pastebin

02) Filip30: Sueton and J. Darling about Tiberius
TOR URL: http://r2j4xiyckibnyd45.onion/messages/1490005.htm

03) Ragamuffin: Show must go on…
TOR URL: http://r2j4xiyckibnyd45.onion/messages/1490197.htm

04) Eric Tazelaar: When Labour Loved Liberty (and before they changed their minds)

05) Tom O’Carroll: Jimmy the screamer caught in VICE racket

06) Viamund The Rake: Non-Pornographic Images Of Children Being Banned Worldwide

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