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The Social Justice War against Jordan Peterson…

Date: March 21, 2017

01) The Social Justice War against Jordan Peterson

“A speech by Professor Jordan Peterson of the University of Toronto was disrupted and shut down by far left activists. Their handlers released a statement to explain why, and it’s worth exploring.”

I completely agree with Sargon…And I’ve always had this bad feeling in my gut, going back most of three decades, while watching what is going on with these college students…

…Their behavior is patently dishonest, on it’s face…And there should be absolutely no excuse for them not to realize this, themselves.


Date: March 21, 2017


“If you want senseless, ignorant scaremongering, theres no shortage of it on youtube!

whereas for the cost of ~500 bux, you could simply buy a gamma ray spectrometer and measure the radiation from Fukushima yourself. Guess what, those who actually did it found out the radiation level of the oceans from Fukushima is about 1/10 000 the natural background radiation level of humans.
See here:
But god do people like to scaremonger about radioactivity!”