Huge Win in the Battle of Ideas…

Date: March 29, 2017

01) Huge Win in the Battle of Ideas

“We’re taking back the narrative from people who use buzzwords and outrage to silence the rest of us who are trying to have meaningful conversation.”

Those sorts who do this kind of thing, can only advance themselves and their ideas, by creating disruptions and handicaps within the sphere of open dialogue.

This is why things have become so insane and extreme…

…The ideas and causes put forward by these people, are barely even being scrutinized objectively…because so many people are too intimidated, to stand in any perceived opposition.

Of course…this goes both ways…and extreme, right wing hostilities get no pass here…They’ve done an incredible amount of damage…It’s just that another extreme is in the spotlight, that’s spun way out of the realm of sanity.

No matter their political standings…it’s because to few of us stand up against these extremists who are trying to dominate the social sphere, that we end up with all this craziness, and usurped power…

There is a lack of healthy diversity, to temper their extreme viewpoints and agendas.

…This is why people need to set down together, and respectfully discuss social issues, with an emphasis on reaching a fair, honest consensus.

“Winner takes all” political ideology, does not work.

…Demonizing people of different persuasions, does not work.

Those things are based on a self defeating cycle, of unhealthy social ideologies.

We have to learn how to be livable with each other…and that’s just not happening, with these extremist movements.

…In fact, they’re destroying the possibility.

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