Date: March 29, 2017


Interesting video…Unfortunately, I’m only responding to one portion of it…

I have to question exactly how these social changes effect those intolerant of them…and whether or not these things are more hyperbolic, than substantive.

Humans have a tendency to blow things out of objective proportion, especially when considering social issues which position groups against each other.

Homosexual rights advances are given as an example in this video…

…Given the absolute hostility and intolerance sexual minorities have historically faced [and many continue to face]…you know that a lot of the resistance springs from people uncomfortable with social change…but people who wont really have their lives turned upside down, by the changes.

It’s mostly psychological, and wanting things to stay “as they’ve always been”…or, more accurately, how they’ve been perceived to be “normal”.

Of course…the cognition behind social push back is complex, and multilayered…I would not suggest, that no reason exists to be concerned about human sexual activity…or to expect some level of behavioral standards…

…But does that mean there is no social place for “alternative” sexualities?…or that such sexualities “should” be suppressed?

What is the path it takes, to justify that these sexualities have no right to exist?…in practice?…in speech?…maybe even in thought?

One of the fundamental problems with sexual politics…is that people are way to idealistic, to be genuinely honest…And I mean this, all around.

There are issues surrounding human sexuality, and the inclusion of previously prohibited practices…But they are not issues which will cause the world to implode…They are things which can be addressed.

They are not things to fear and scorn, to the extent that they cannot even be addressed.

That’s the biggest hurdle, right there…So many people just refuse to face what needs to be faced.

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