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The Natural Enemies of YouTube…

Date: March 30, 2017

01) The Natural Enemies of YouTube

“Investigations done by the Wall Street Journal and The Times have cost the biggest YouTuber and Google itself millions of dollars. It is outrage manufactured by the old media out of rational self-interest.”

“YouTube’s strict standards on freedom of speech…”…?!!…

These bozos pulled that one out of their arse.

YouTube will take a big steaming crap all over you, based on little more than how you identify yourself, and how you talk about certain topics…

…Incredulously…you cannot have a competent, real discussion on childhood sexuality or pedophilia…but you can spout off all the racist vitriol you please…Hell, you can run an outright hate and terrorism channel on YouTube [complete with doxing, character assassination and death threats], so long as it’s aimed at “pedophiles”.

YouTube doesn’t give a damn, so long as it’s not socially unpopular, or costing them in any way.

YouTube’s morals and ethics have been down in the sewer, for most of it’s existence.

The people behind YouTube are no champions of free speech…Nor are they good on human rights, or combating dehumanizing hate speech and terrorism.

The only reasons I am still keeping an account with YouTube, are because I have a huge collection on playlists [going back many years] that I’d like to blog about…and so long as I don’t directly talk about anything sexual, in anything but the briefest of vague passing comment, nor advocate much of anything…I can keep miscellaneous type videos on YouTube…And I enjoy making the occasional video, as much as anybody.

…I also have a general idea for creating a series, as a simple content creator…Someday, I just might start with that project.

But YouTube has had terrible problems with censorship, and it’s bizarre, inconsistent standards.

You cannot even make an authentic and thorough educational series, with regards to MAPs…or childhood and youth sexuality…But you can brazenly issue death threats against MAPs, on a whim…

…There is something deeply wrong with that.

…And for the record…when I talk about usage of YouTube, I’m speaking of it in the historically common sense…People who just wanted a platform to share their media on, and potentially interact with other people [possibly combat MAP stereotyping, etc.]…None of this AdSense, getting paid mumbo jumbo even factors into any of this…

…Literal activists don’t expect to get paid [or get popular] for anything they do.

…But it would be nice to at least get treated like a human being, on equal footing with everybody else…instead of the constant discrimination, YouTube is notorious for.

Minds.com – Interview with Bill Ottman…

Date: March 30, 2017

01) 1,000,000 Minds.com Views – Interview with Bill Ottman

“Minds has had a huge update including trending hashtags and monetisation, so I had an impromptu interview with founder Bill Ottman about the site.

Minds: https://www.minds.com

I’ve also got a Minds.com account…I’m just not sure what I actually want to do with it…if anything, for the time being.

But, the website is getting a lot of discussion and promotion…and it might be something to look at, if Twitter ever goes away.

They claim to be very strong on free speech…

…Which is a claim I’ve herd many times before…by services that turned out disingenuous, in that regard…Minds might be something to test out, just to see where they truthfully do stand.