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Atheist on… Destroying Theism in five minutes


Date: April 02, 2017

01) Atheist on… Destroying Theism in five minutes

“Most theist feel certian that there is a god and they use the example of not knowing everything as their excuse. But that area of what we don’t know has gotten so small that the area for god has been moved to beyond space and time because theist recognize their reasons for believing have diminished greatly. Theist need to be honest and call themselves agnostic because their certanty is wavering and I’m about to show them their excuse for believing there is a god has failed.”

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YouTube: Is it Over?…

Date: April 02, 2017

01) Is it Over? Youtube is LOSING ADVERTISERS.

“Youtube is losing advertisers due to some bad press about things like pewdiepie being a racist, or ‘problematic’ content such as bullying, hate speech, white supremecy and so forth. Politics and religion are abound on youtube as are unpopular topics and this has resulted in youtube creating “ad friendly” flags and such. Unfortunately this has proven to not be enough for advertisers who are pulling out as the media spins a narrative about it being ‘dangerous’ to put ads on youtube.

This will hurt youtube creators in the long run and in this video we talk about what’s happening, why its happening, and what you can do to help.

We also explore how it is affecting big channels like pewdiepie, h3h3 productions, and others.”

I fall into the category, of the people who really haven’t liked where “paid content creators” has taken YouTube…

While it’s true that a lot of people are good at making videos…too many people on YouTube come off more like content mills…and they just flood the website with tons of uninteresting garbage.

I miss the early days of YouTube…where it was far more about dialogue, and groups and voices who were nowhere near mainstream.

The website became about money…and everybody and their brother wanted to make slick, over produced “web shows”…and we ended up with a lot of mind numbing crap, the likes of which we thought we’d left behind when we abandoned network television…

The magic of YouTube was it’s simplicity, and it’s homemade humanness. It was people making and sharing content with heart, for the simple joy and drive of sharing something with others.

Today, there are way too many YouTubers trying to mimic, what so many of us have already rejected, and just don’t want…

In addition…most YouTube channels are just mundane.

Maybe it’s a natural progression…and YouTube is just “over”…I don’t know.

I just have always had a bad feeling about it, that they allowed their users to chase after money with their videos…as “a career”.

I know it’s worked out great for a minority of users…but the website, itself, has suffered…probably irreparably.

I grew up in the Westboro Baptist Church. Here’s why I left – Megan Phelps-Roper…

Date: April 02, 2017

01) I grew up in the Westboro Baptist Church. Here’s why I left | Megan Phelps-Roper

“What’s it like to grow up within a group of people who exult in demonizing … everyone else? Megan Phelps-Roper shares details of life inside America’s most controversial church and describes how conversations on Twitter were key to her decision to leave it. In this extraordinary talk, she shares her personal experience of extreme polarization, along with some sharp ways we can learn to successfully engage across ideological lines.”