Alex Jones: The Cancer Of Alternative Media…

Date: April 02, 2017

01) Alex Jones: The Cancer Of Alternative Media

“Alex Jones has become one of the biggest names in alternative media, but is his news and predictions fighting the system? Or are his motives more sinister?”

Very good insight.

8 thoughts on “Alex Jones: The Cancer Of Alternative Media…

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      That marshmallow puff is a self serving parasite, who attacks minorities wherever it serves his own interests. He’s also incompetent and hyperbolic.

      1. creepyclownsneedlove

        Criminal minorities, including Islam loving Muslim terrorists, invading our country from 3rd world Hell Holes, need to be exposed and deported. Jones understands if Trump does not return our country back to Law & Order, as under the original Constitution of our Country, we are all DOOMED to become just another FAILED Country like Venezuela !!! That is why he goes hyperbolic !!!

    2. eqfoundation Post author

      Hi, creepyclownsneedlove…

      I just wanted to say two things…

      1) There should be six comments showing up here [seven, counting this one], but WordPress seems to be having issues…I approved your second response, and left a response to it some time ago…but neither one is showing up on this public page. I fiddled around with a few things, to no avail.

      Twitter has been very loopy the past few weeks, also…in excess, honestly.

      2) I hope you’re not taking any of this the wrong way.

      None of this is about silencing Alex Jones…Heck…he provides easy hyperbole to refute, especially where it comes to his attacks against MAPs…He is a useful idiot, in that regard.

      The original video shared, and I believe LOD’s and my comments, were offered as a critical assessment of Alex’s personal integrity and character.

      This is a far distant leap, from saying that Alex Jones engages in hate speech and suggesting that he shouldn’t be able to speak because of it.

      His shortcomings fall well outside his bashing of MAPs, gays and lesbians.

      It is fair to point out that he is, in fact, an all around shyster.

      None of this is expressed in hostility towards “you”…

      …It’s just that if you’ve followed him as long as some of us have….it becomes crystal clear what he is all about…and what he is.

      He is no friend of people, who actually want to know truth…He is an exploiter of the fanatical religious fringe.

      1. creepyclownsneedlove

        Alex Jones is still a Patriot to our country and has opened up the minds of many ignorant citizens. He has exposed the Evil for all to see !!!

      2. eqfoundation Post author

        What evil?…

        …I mean…seriously…What has he done, that people far more credible than he, haven’t done?

        I was discussing “InfoWars” with someone on Twitter some months back…And I have to agree with him, when he says that the problem with “InfoWars”, is that they mish mash bits of honest news reporting, with tons of hyperbolic B.S…And they don’t care, who they walk on or crap all over, in the process…

        They’re not only assholes for this…but given their media footprint and freak fringe audience…they are honestly dangerous…

        They should be criticized…They are not an honest, ethical news organization.

  1. LOD

    Alex Jones is so lame and stupid. Nothing he says is ever really that insightful or even politically dangerous. He wants people to think that the government is after him and that the secret elite want him dead but it’s all smoke and mirrors. No one wants to kill Alex Jones, he’s just a big fat joke. He creates this phony narrative of pedophiles and satanist controlling the world and murdering children while he’s out there to expose them and stop their evil plans but none of it is real. The enemy he thinks he is fighting is completely imaginary. If the enemy was really what he says it is, he would already be dead and his dumb show would have been canceled a long time ago. And if they were really trying to normalize pedophilia like he thinks then they are doing a shit job of it. Anyone who has been involved with the pedophile community and followed its struggles knows that there is no one on our side that is helping us, no powerful people. We are the shit end of the stick politically and socially. Alex Jones is too delusional and too out of touch with what is really going on to be any kind of watchman or useful political dissident. He’s borderline schizophrenic.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      The only reason Alex Jones is no longer going after the mainstream gays and lesbians, is likely because he knows it would be too big of a headache for him to do such.

      Online, he’d get banned from YouTube for doing the stuff he did against homosexuals, back in the 90’s…when he just had a radio show.

      …As such, you no longer even hear a peep out of him, regarding his disgust for gays and lesbians.

      In the 90’s, he couldn’t stop talking about it.

      He’s nothing more than an opportunistic parasite.


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