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Duran Duran…


Date: April 04, 2017

Come Undone:

What Are the Chances:

The Chaffeur:

Save a Prayer (Remastered 2003 Version):

New Moon On Monday [Video]:

The Wild Boys:

Duran Duran was another huge band, back when I got hit by the music bug.

New Moon on Monday is the first song of theirs I ever remember hearing…and loving. I guess that would have been somewhere around when I was ten or eleven.

The Wild Boys was a great video, in a time when MTV was new…I remember this strange video with a lot of fondness…and I love the song.

Save a Prayer…probably my all time favorite Duran Duran song.

What are the Chances, proves that they can still rise to the occasion, even today…Love that song.

Of course…I love Hungry Like the Wolf…but I wanted to focus on a few of the lesser prominent hits.

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“Heart Progress” – An Official EQF Statement…


Date: April 03, 2017

01) Anonymous security alert – does Pedo-luring allow ISIS an inroad to attacking its online foe?

The EQ Foundation has taken a patient and reserved approach, in estimating the validity of the group calling itself “Heart Progress”.

During this time, there has been no direct linking to “Heart Progress” resources, on Our Love Frontier.

It has been expected all along, that the true motives of “Heart Progress” would eventually come out in time…whether they be honest, or otherwise.

I believe a conclusion can be made now, in light of more recent events.

On a personal note:

Of course, there had been a thing or two that seemed off, and some things appeared to be outright baiting.

It was also unclear, exactly who was officially identifying themselves with “Heart Progress”, and who may have merely been an obvious troll [IE: Frank B. Cousins] that just happened to become active around the same time as “Heart Progress” started up…Which led to further confusion, as to whether “Heart Progress” was being trolled…a common, malicious tactic, we’ve seen countless times.

“Heart Progress” got shut down on both Twitter and Google Groups, quickly…which initially quite annoyed me…because I wanted to keep an eye on them…and if they were banned, obviously I could not.

If nothing else, the “Heart Progress” Google Groups page could provide an additional source of news stories…Which is always of valid interest to me, regardless of the people sharing it.

A few additional things that struck me about “Heart Progress”:

One of their stated causes, was to “ban all violent video games”, ignoring all recent research which debunked the social myth, that playing violent video games makes one violent.

This felt like an attempt at riling up gamers.

Another was their claim to be completely intolerant of drugs, including marijuana, if I recall correctly.

This felt like an attempt at riling up the pro-marijuana groups.

During their time on Twitter:

I have done a small amount of interacting with a few of them. The messages in the direct tweets I was responding to, were reasonable enough to give comment to.

At no point in time, did I ever promote “Heart Progress events”, or causes, despite that some hysterical loony on Twitter has been claiming otherwise.

I am neither ashamed, nor embarrassed, by these Twitter interactions. I will not be apologizing for any of it…And no level headed person should even consider it sane, to stand in judgment of me for them.

You don’t like it?…Boo Hoo!…Get over it.

It’s Twitter, for crying out loud…Don’t be such a simpleton.

For the record:

I consider #BreedOutTheHate to be preposterous…

…And I didn’t even know anything about the alleged public gathering associated with it, when I responded to a tweet containing that hashtag.

From this point forward:

I will no longer be responding to tweets, from people identifying as part of “Heart Progress”…Nor will I be retweeting anything from their Twitter accounts.

No “Heart Progress” resource will ever get a link in the EQF Community Links page.

I will not blog about “Heart Progress”.

I have removed them from my main Twitter list for exclusive MAPs [and MAP relevant news], and moved them to a Twitter list for probable trolls…So I won’t encounter them, when looking for content from legitimate MAPs.


This statement is being offered for fellow MAPs, and genuine followers of this blog…

…The hysterical loonies subscribing to ideas like “PizzaGate”, “PedoGate”, and other such nonsense, who’ve been attempting to falsely tie me in with “Heart Progress” can go take a flying leap.

No behavior I have engaged in regarding “Heart Progress”, has been substantially different from any of my previous behavior on Twitter, since I opened my Twitter account in 2009. We just have pests who are trying to make something out of it, that it never was.

For all I know, the people behind “Heart Progress” are friends with these pests, who conveniently happen to be there, to “expose and attack” anyone in the general vicinity.

…In other words, it’s plausible they are all in the same group, playing both sides of the coin…and constructing a false situation to attack.

It’s always been known that “Heart Progress” may be trolls, meaning harm towards MAPs.

It now appears reasonable to conclude, that “Heart Progress” is a fraud, just like “CLover Gender”.