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“Victim-Blaming”: A Vacuous and Costly Assertion…

Date: April 06, 2017

01) “Victim-Blaming”: A Vacuous and Costly Assertion

“Mick Hume, in his epilogue to Trigger Warning, categorises and lists a number of short, catchy expressions, which have morphed into dogmas. They are terms with which one side labels an opponent, so as to reduce said opponent’s position or argument to a circumstance of being unworthy of debate or challenge. Note that this is different from a strawman fallacy, which is made out when one dishonestly misrepresents an opponent’s argument so that it can be easily defeated, as the discussed tactic is employed so that the debate may be instead, avoided altogether[1]. Hume writes: “The phrases listed here are all invitations, if not orders, to shut up and withdraw from the rhetorical fray. The code words used are changing and mutating all the time, but the essential message is always the same: either You-Can’t-Say-That, or You-Can’t-Say-That – and quite possibly, both.” Among these, he lists you’re an x-denier, you’re an x-phobic and you’re an x-apologist. I believe that you’re a victim-blamer is a term which has evolved to carry all the same implications, and that is now employed precisely with the intention of shutting the debate down. It is a signal which can be fired in the hope that those listening or reading might learn all that the espouser intends them to know about their opponent, and that the opponent should be disqualified from the debate, or better still, that according to them, the debate was won long ago, and those who dare to question the vogue politics now, are simply “deniers”.”

The real motivations behind the growing YouTube advertiser boycott…

Date: April 06, 2017

01) The real motivations behind the growing YouTube advertiser boycott

“More than 250 brands have reportedly pulled their spend from Google’s services after a newspaper investigation found their ads appearing next to extremist content on YouTube.

Business Insider spoke to more than a dozen ad executives who suggested the boycott smacks of “opportunism” and a chance to gleefully bash the biggest player in the online ad industry.

Some executives believe advertisers and agencies are hopeful Google’s pain over the issue will continue so they can use it as leverage in their negotiations with the online ad giant. Others said the boycott shows just how little many people understand about the way online advertising works.”

This is an uncommonly informative news article. It goes much deeper, than what most people are presently talking about.

Why Free Speech (even Hate Speech) is the best friend of the Oppressed – Jonathan Rauch…


Date: April 06, 2017

01) Why Free Speech (even Hate Speech) is the best friend of the Oppressed – Jonathan Rauch

“Jonathan Rauch makes a passionate argument in favor of free speech, and tells an inspiring story of Frank Kameny using his free speech to overcome bigotry and discrimination.

Excerpted from the 20th anniversary of Kindly Inquisitors, co-sponsored by Reason & the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE)
New York City, October 15, 2013

Watch the full video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pFVRRP-J9mI

They’re talking about MAP issues, also.

This is a good, unique dialogue.

Criticism of ideas is vital, when confronting the people and hostile atmosphere, consumed by false beliefs about MAPs.

It’s interesting that the motives and views of Franklin Kameny, began, and were stated, much as my own…

…I am also a member of a sexual minority, who is a veteran of a foreign war…I am amongst those who served in defense of the USA…and I became disabled, for it…

…I have been asking for decades, how it is…that I can be sent off to fight tyranny on a different continent, against a different government…just to come home and spend the rest of my life facing multiple levels, of relentless tyranny in my own country…at the hands of “my own” government…and “my own” people.

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