Dear Atheist Junior…


Date: April 07, 2017

01) Pedophilia: My Story, “Dear Omnipolitics16”, Fuck This Shit

I appreciate and respect what you have gone through, as well as where you have arrived at psychologically.

From ages 3 to around 6 or seven, you were sexually, physically and mentally abused?

That is an awful lot of diverse behavior, to be grouping together.

Physical and mental abuse can be very destructive…I don’t know if you are grouping what you call sexual abuse in with both, or not…and I don’t know the nature of what took place…so, I cannot comment on that.

One thing I do know about this…is that much of the time, people who consider themselves to have been a victim of sexual abuse, were often in a bad situation…and a bad setting…

In these cases, it is easy to mistake the injury from psychological and physical abuse, with “the natural outcome” of a sexual encounter [or even relationship] at a young age.

At that age, you don’t really have any prior experience to draw upon…You don’t necessarily know what to expect…and if the over all situation is bad…it is going to be confusing…and it will not be a good setting, for such a thing to take place in.

I take it the violent and psychological abuser, was the same individual having sexual experiences with you?

If that is the case…this can explain a tremendous amount, with regards to your negative views.

With regards to depression…

One of the things about experiencing taboo, personal things, which carry a social stigma and you live with being told was wrong [or “you’re damaged” for it, and other negative messages]…is that it is isolating…And because of the way it is socially framed, it is embarrassing and hard to talk about.

Honestly…many people in your situation and mental state, are describing the same thing that MAPs experience in life…only from a different angle.

I’m not talking about the sexual contact, here…

…I’m talking about social walls and boundaries, which psychologically stop us from talking about, or being able to accept and find peace, with ourselves and our past.

You call yourself damaged…and I believe you used the word “destroyed”…

…Please, don’t sell yourself short…

I’m not going to ask how it was…but no matter how it was…there is always a path forward.

I know these things are hard…Being an alien in this world, or even just believing that you are, is always hard…

…Believe me, I know…it’s very, very hard…And there is a lot of frustration, and depression and at times desperation…maybe even a dozen breakdowns, or more…

…But there is always a way forward…Nothing defines “you”, except “you”.

I am sorry you have had to go through, whatever it is that has caused you to arrive at this place.

Not everybody with a “sexual abuse” past, has a horror story to share, about it…And I hope you will be accepting and respectful of that point.

It is through the process of recognizing and distinguishing the nature of these acts and their settings…that we can better address not only the truly violent cases of abuse…but the subtle nuances, which perhaps leave a child feeling uncertain, unsafe…wrong…even in the non-violent cases.

This would be a positive evolution, in how we approach children and young kids, who’ve had sexual experiences.

I do take issue with at least one other thing…

…It is fact, that there is nothing inherently traumatizing, about a gentle sexual touch…

In these cases…societal influence has a tremendous amount of impact on the participants, psychologically.

If there were broader social acceptance and empathy, this would nullify those sorts of psychological disturbance and distress…Because nobody wouldn’t be facing this flood of relentless, negative messaging.

It does nobody any favors, saddling them with psychological false conflicts.

…In fact, it’s these kinds of influences which eat at people…and consume them.

A person psychologically injured in that way, is not someone we can best expect to make good decisions…or thrive. In some cases, this treacherous influence causes them to spiral out of control.

I don’t know what the future holds…But I do know, that how society currently treats human sexuality, is an utter disaster…and it is straight up inhumane.

Things need to change…and this world needs to come to terms with human sexuality, for at least once in the history of humanity.

Only then, can we really start addressing things like your experience.

Omnipolitics16 is young…he’s exploring, and searching to find himself as a MAP…He’s not very good at articulating himself…I’m not so great at verbally doing such, myself…and I give him credit for at least having the spine, to get in front of a camera and speak his mind.

…But the point is…he hasn’t developed into a good representative of MAPs…give him time.

These issues surrounding MAPs, sexually active children/kids…intergenerational relationships…they are much deeper, and more able to be defended than what you are likely to get out of Omnipolitics16.

It’s not his fault…If it’s anybody’s fault, it is the fault of us older MAPs, who have not taken people like Omnipolitics16 under our wing, and helped to guide him.

One last thing…Devaluing the life of a MAP, to the extent that you imply “not minding, if they end up on the business end of one of your weapons”…is an ugly, ugly, sociopathic expression…

…Don’t go down that road…

…I think you are a much better human being, than that.

You and I may be able to recognize so many things in life, which are so extreme in their damage, that they are wrong…

…That doesn’t mean life came with an instruction manual, everything is “black or white”, or that we can ignore all the nuances in life to the extent, that we forget how to allow other people to be human…that we forget how to forgive people, for being human.

You, perhaps, have no concept of what it means…to be sexually attracted [and especially exclusively], someone such as yourself…every day, of every year, of every decade of your life…

…I know this experience, through and through…

The root attraction and intent, is not one of violence.

It’s a very human drive…And not one that every MAP equally learns to engage with well…

If we weren’t so isolated and underground…we could begin to address this as a sub-culture.

So much comes back to the stigma and taboo…and all the things people wrongly believe about MAPs…and all the people willing to become murderously violent, over them.

If you want to do something honestly constructive about this…First, educate yourself on these issues…Second, make yourself available as a real kid, to bounce back genuine feedback towards MAPs, of what “you” need, or want…what would make “you” feel secure, respected and valued.

Please don’t lash out or threaten people…be constructive.

You’ll find that many MAPs are very respectful, empathetic and patient with you…provided you give them a fair chance.

As a MAP…as a BoyLover…I personally hate seeing a young person such as yourself, expressing a mindset and experience, such as what you are going through…It is clear, something wrong occurred in your case.

It’s clear that instead of giving something to you…someone stole something from you.

If you would have been at my side…I promise you, you would not have been treated that way…not by me.

Love is not about taking, or predation…It’s about giving and enhancing…It’s about mutual sharing.


11 thoughts on “Dear Atheist Junior…

  1. Leansleeves

    Good article!

    You’re right, I wasn’t exactly good at articulating or constructing myself any good reasons or clarifications. Hell looking back on the videos now, I almost correct myself everytime I hear my past reasoning. Like when I stated how children were sexual, which I clarified that they are curious. (Not bad reasoning but neither is it falling towards being a legitimate and good argument.) If it was now, I would correct myself with clarifying that they are sexual, and show more sources but one that proves it. (Hell I could cite my own anecdotal evidence, since I myself was a sexual child who ironically hated pedophiles…) I honestly got fed up when I started getting ‘exposed’ by people for apperantly ‘cherry picking things’ when they searched up the same thing I did to come to the source of children and their sexual behavior. (Or curiosity, as what the fucking site clarifies it as.) Even though they do the exact same thing with their sources. And a lot of my other reasons could use rework like the mental illness point, harm point, and many more. I could of done a lot better now and I would, but I feel it would be a great waste of time.

    And I hate these types of videos to me, The whole ‘dear omnipolitics’ or ‘dear omnipedophile’, like somehow that is an insult to me, is just fucking aggravating now. Due to just receiving this backlash and having people dislike me even more, I grew more of an apathetic personality, and I look at this more objectively. These types of videos of anecdotal shit, I personally don’t care about. For one, they’re just pure stupid and serve no purpose to me. Second, they talk about their story like I have never heard of an abuse story before. Like for fuck sake, I know children get abused! I learned this before my channel, at a young age, and not from some twat on a website or the therapeutic place I was legally put in. These people act as if I don’t know about actual child sexual abuse or just plain ignore them, in which I never do! I acknowledge them, no matter how fucking small it is or how big it portrays itself. I don’t know why these people think this way, act as if being pro pedophiles means you defend every case of sex with children. I never defended Peter scully nor jimmy savile, two prime examples of real child/teen rapists and murderers. It’s like they’re projecting their own view on me, but it’s the reverse version, where instead of every case being horrible, it’s the opposite.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      Thank you!

      I really appreciate your response.

      There is a ton of nuance in human relationships…It’s amazing, how many people don’t get that fact.

      I lived about half of my life, believing I was some type of rare exception…on a few different levels…both as an ethical pedophile…and as someone who had been molested as a boy, it didn’t destroy me…

      It wasn’t until I discovered the online BoyLover community, that I really even began to come out of the fog.

      It took years of deprograming, reading and educating myself, before things started becoming clear to me…at least as relates to what it means to be a pedophile…and what pedophilic norms are like.

  2. feinmann0

    “I never defended Peter scully nor jimmy savile, two prime examples of real child/teen rapists and murderers.”

    In the case of Jimmy Savile, where is your evidence that he was a child/teen rapist and murderer? If you believe what you have been told, then you have become an unfortunate victim of the corrupt sexual abuse industry. And before you answer, first take a good, long hard look at the facts also known as the truth: and

    Perhaps this will be too difficult a task though; society prefers instead to believe salacious headlines that can be digested within a few seconds. Far too much effort otherwise to uncover the facts, which in any case would be so mundane and boring once they become known.

    Why am I banging on about this? Because it is precisely Leensleaves gullibility and lack of questioning of the dominant narrative that sustains promotes the monster paedophile stereotype!

    1. Leansleeves

      > “In the case of Jimmy Savile, where is your evidence that he was a child/teen rapist and murderer.”

      Note that I said he is a prime example, not exactly referring to my opinion or views about him but rather people’s view of his case. (Although I don’t know much about the jimmy Savile case, and articles that I found about him state that he did have bodies of teens found in his home, so I would assume that he was a rapist as well, my mind is open to anything about his innocence if you have sources, which you have and I will get on to reading them.)

      > “Because it is precisely Leensleaves gullibility and lack of questioning of the dominant narrative that sustains promotes the monster paedophile stereotype!”

      I never found any articles refuting the main allegations towards him, only ones that disagreed with the body count, age, etc. I honestly don’t see how it’s “my gullibility and lack of questioning” that is at fault here as I don’t automatically believe the allegations to be true just by one headline but multiple articles (even ones not in mainstream use) which I conclude whether or not it’s valid. But hey, whatever floats your boats I guess, not really here defending nor attacking savile.

    2. Leansleeves

      > In the case of Jimmy Savile, where is your evidence that he was a child/teen rapist and murderer? If you believe what you have been told, then you have become an unfortunate victim of the corrupt sexual abuse industry. And before you answer, first take a good, long hard look at the facts also known as the truth

      Okay get on to reading those, I never admitted jimmy was guilty, I just state he was a prime example of a child/teen rapist. (As in the people’s view, it wasn’t really meant to project my opinion onto savile. I don’t believe he is a murderer and those allegations against him are faulty to me at most, the rape ones however I stay in a more gray area spot.)

      1. feinmann0

        “Scapegoating is a hostile social/psychological discrediting routine by which people move blame, responsibility away from themselves and towards a target person or group. In scapegoating, feelings of guilt, aggression, blame and suffering are transferred away from a person in order to resolve or avoid such bad feelings … a displacement of responsibility and blame to another who serves as a target for blame.” Simon Crosby

        In the UK, conditions have been sufficiently dystopian over the past 20 or so years, to have promoted scapegoating via false allegation on an industrial scale . High profile victims of scapegoating have included: Jimmy Savile (deceased), Ted Heath (deceased), Leon Brittan (deceased) Harvey Proctor, Cliff Richard, Jonathan King, Lord Bramall, Greville Janner, Rolf Harris, etc. Many, many more innocent men languish in UK prisons due to false allegations made against them. Further reading: 123 cases of false accusation to date, mostly against men, are detailed here:

    3. Leansleeves

      Got to say, impressive and insightful sources from the one guy’s site! Thank you feinmann0, and my apologies for my gullibility and lack of questioning on the savior case, I will try better next time to examine something before assuming. Please don’t get frustrated with my ignorance, I don’t study every accused child sex offender caught with a crime, and I assume when I hear about murders that he supposedly committed, I don’t really question whether or not he raped individuals.

      1. feinmann0

        OK Leansleeves; I am glad you found the links useful.

        I took issue with a fellow ex-pat hiker friend of mine from Eire in Thailand a few years back. He was clearly disgusted by Jimmy Savile and the litany of evil deeds he was alleged to have committed. My friend was utterly shocked when I attempted to put the record straight. We did not talk to each other for a year. The dominant narrative has been so successfully imprinted in society’s mind that it has become a paradigm. Sometimes collateral damage happens in attempting to overturn paradigms.

        I can only hope the tide is turning, at least in the UK. Coincidentally, over the past week, the case against one of the people I mentioned in my recent comment, the pop impresario Jonathan King has collapsed. Matthew Scott wrote an excellent piece yesterday about the case here: The next few months should be really interesting as questions get asked about the criminal way Surrey police went about convicting Jonathan.

      2. eqfoundation Post author

        Thanks for that.

        Jonathan has likely been an even bigger target, since he’s one of the few people with knowledge, resources, talent and courage to fight back.

        Vile Pervert the Musical:

        Again, I’ll repeat myself…”One of the greatest movies, ever!”

        As to Jimmy…I’ve never been familiar with him, coming to know way more about him after his death, because of the allegations, than I ever knew before.

        Given the nature of social panic…and smear campaigns…and the loose standards, for “pedophilia” allegations…I’m a soundly natural sceptic, when situations like the Savile scandal crop up.

        I’ve never delved deep into this…but I’ve paid enough attention, to where “the jury is still out”, in my mind, where it concerns Jimmy.

        I don’t know if he did anything, or not…

        …It feels like a witch hunt…

        …Maybe he was very accustomed to a life with groupies…and maybe, way back before most people made anything of it, he got a bit too friendly with some “barely il/legal”, willing groupies…

        …Or, maybe some people just misread him, and his motives/actions…

        …Or, now that he’s dead and cannot deny anything…maybe, ghouls just want his money.

        It’s a sad world we live in.

  3. feinmann0

    No problem Steve; thanks for responding to my comments, as always.

    I make no apologies for pushing back against the dominant narrative whenever and wherever I see it. The despicable posthumous maligning of Jimmy Savile continues to be a core pillar of paedophile discrimination in the UK.


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