Social Movements: What It Takes To Go From Protest To Policy…

Date: April 08, 2017

01) Direct Download [MP3]

“The weekend’s women’s marches across the country have been estimated as the biggest one-day protest in American history. Eight years ago, after President Obama’s inauguration, a much smaller Tea Party birthed a national movement that reset the Republican agenda, arguably setting the stage for candidate Donald Trump. So how might the women’s march move from protest to policy?”

I hesitated sharing this, because of the Black Lives Matter person featured…But, she’s a small part of the show…so…

It’s nothing personal, of course…I just have a very hard time taking something serious, when they put Black Lives Matter forward, as some sort of authoritative source of information.

From what I’ve seen out of them, thus far…they’ve been little more than a train wreck.

That point aside…this is an interesting show.

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