Vigilante paedo hunters Dark Justice win landmark court ruling…


Date: April 08, 2017

01) LICENCE TO CATCH PERVS Vigilante paedo hunters Dark Justice win landmark court ruling giving them total freedom to entrap perverts

“Dark Justice film themselves meeting paedophiles in public who were under the impression they were meeting kids for sex.

Their work has lead to 42 convictions and their videos are often circulated online.

Defence lawyers argued that Dark Justice should be subject to regulation to prevent the law from being “evaded” and that any evidence gathered by them should not be used in court.


Mr Justice Langstaff said there was no legal requirement for the activities by the group to be subjected to controls.


Dark Justice is an anonymous group consisting of two men who pose as kids online to snare people trying to meet children.

The men claim to be underage children when adults contact their fake profile and turn up with a video camera and the police en route if any meeting is arranged.”

Nobody should be under the impression, that even standing governments in allegedly civilized countries, care to step in and end the “open season” attitude on MAPs.

However foolish as it is to seek such things online…there still should be laws against what groups like Dark Justice do.

Their behavior falls well outside of safe and reasonable conduct.

Even if they felt it necessary to hand recordings over to law enforcement…there is simply no excuse for openly publishing it, for anyone to gawk at…or worse.

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2 thoughts on “Vigilante paedo hunters Dark Justice win landmark court ruling…

  1. feinmann0

    The instinct of civilization equating with good versus the instinct of savagery equating with evil. I find it uber ironic that the UK who sent countless people to their premature deaths in WWI and WWII to achieve victory over the evil that was Germany, now legitimise and delegate lawless activity to the mirror equivalent of the Nazi Sturmabteilung.

    There is something deeply malignant lying at the heart of the Anglosphere … the most destructive effect this particularly evil tumour – vigilantism – has on society is the ever-deeper wedge it drives between children and adult men.


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