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Youtubes $750 MILLION ad boycott – what caused it?…

Date: April 09, 2017

01) Youtubes $750 MILLION ad boycott… what caused it?

“An article by the Wall Street Journal caused almost a billion dollars of advertising to be withdrawn from youtube.
Apparently they found ads for things like coke along side offensive material!
However the article doesnt so much show youtube advertises coke along side offensive material, but the WSJ doesnt understand how targeted ads work.

The thing that makes even less sense is the stampede of companies who withdrew almost a billion dollars in advertising from youtube.

Youtubes response has also been wierd!

Honestly I’ve been left very baffled by all of this. It seems like a cascade of people with ill-informed, knee-jerk responses all doing stupid things at the same time. Coherent patterns are very hard to find here.”