NSW Dumps Safe Schools…

Date: April 17, 2017

01) NSW Dumps Safe Schools

I think gender fluid and transgender are based out of something real…even if it’s hard to define exactly what that is…and I don’t have any moral objections, regarding people who become this way.

In one way or another, they’ve always been around…and they don’t threaten the human species by their mere existence and expression.

I think where people are getting uncomfortable with this new, organized movement…

…it exists in the fact that it’s very enthusiastic and aggressive, about pushing kids to confront and explore an issue that wont effect the overwhelming majority of them…

That’s not to say that it’s bad for kids to develop empathy for gender fluid and transgender kids…

…But when a movement is challenging every kid to question their own biology, offering them an option to be the other sex, or something in between…elevating what is a trivial fact of nature [in the minds of most of us], to the level of something you personally have to wrestle with and navigate…and having a new, “gender reassignment” industry waiting on the horizon to service you…

…there’s something about this, which presents a lot to be concerned about.

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