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‘God is Unknowable’…

Date: April 22, 2017

01) Christian versus atheist (1 of 3)

“Speakers’ Corner, Sydney, Australia. Also look for ‘Christian versus atheist (2) when they go at it again. To see more of Ray or Peter (Peter is the atheist) go to https://speakerarchives.wordpress.com
Also try http://speakerscorner.org.au

Whatever happened to the day, when the popular response amongst Christians was “god is unknowable”?

At the bare least…it was honest enough to acknowledge that it was a matter of faith…in a roundabout way.

As our knowledge base from science kept expanding, and getting more complicated…did the concept of god begin to pale too much, in comparison?…Did it become too embarrassing, to keep admitting that one merely has faith on their side, to justify denying the findings of science?

Science has eclipsed “god” so badly…and faith is no equal to science…And neither science nor faith, can be measured scientifically, as an element or factor…

…Yet, science is what has objectively explained so much, and given us so much…Science is objectively sound, when it’s not corrupted by social politics and the like.

Did they come to the conclusion…that they need to appear to be staying on equal footing with science?…that “god”, therefor, must be something that can interface with science?…even though “god” has never been established to exist?

…It reminds me of the ways in which CSA “studies” get doctored, and cooked up…Just presume and forcefully assert “We know it’s true”…while moving the numbers around, to fit your desired conclusions.