Age of Consent Law: ‘What Age?’…

Date: April 24, 2017

A number of years back, probably six or seven, I made the calculated decision to abandon advocating for any age of legality, with regards to human sexuality. To be fair, I never had a firm answer to this question.

I consider the nature of sexual activity to be of far greater importance, than biological age.

I also consider Age of Consent laws, at best, to be redundant, where it comes to protecting minors from brutality…because there are already laws to address sexual brutality…And at it’s worst, I recognize it as inhumane oppression, ripping apart lovers.

As a matter of genuine, historical fact…Age of Consent Law was created in order to allow the state to prosecute, in cases where the state designated “victim” refused to testify against their lover…

This is the true essence of Age of Consent Laws…They exist to seize control over human rights…As such, I straight out condemn them.

I don’t play into any games, where people want me to pick an age…because I reject the standard, and it’s premise.

In addition…most people just use it as propaganda fodder, when a MAP does give a low age…So why bother?

As a realist…I understand Age of Consent law is not leaving us, anytime soon.

…But I’m not going to play the numbers game, or pretend that it is anything other than it is.

My ultimate answer is…Humans are sexual beings, and humans have a right to their own sexuality.

Words in law books cannot rewrite the laws of nature, nor rewrite the nature of human relationships…And they are foolishly grasping at the breeze, in attempting to do so.

Age of Consent is a fools dream, for power mongers with a superiority complex.


Before anyone jumps down my throat over the following, let me clarify…

…I do understand, one of the genuine reasons given for Age of Consent law, was to allow for sexually brutalized children to no longer have to take the witness stand in a courtroom, and face their abuser…Hence, they lowered the standard of conviction to mere proof that anything sexual ever happened.

…The problem arose, when they started using these laws to railroad people into prison, even when their so called “victims” were objectively their lovers, who even testified in court on their behalf…outraged at what the legal system was doing to not just their lover…but to themselves, as that persons lover…and as someone forced to assume the role of “victim”.

The latter type of case is just dead wrong…That is not justice…It’s injustice…It’s inhumanity.

There is no way under the sun, that a better system cannot be created to deal with traumatized, sexually brutalized children in the courtroom.

Age of Consent is simply a monstrosity, which spreads the suffering and impoverishment around…It does not work.

8 thoughts on “Age of Consent Law: ‘What Age?’…

  1. feinmann0

    Well said! Age of consent diktats profit exclusively agencies keen to expand their power base.

    Nanny-state governments believe they can do a better job at managing kids via one-size-fits-all destructively discriminatory laws that remove the independence of families to decide what is best.

    Destructive laws: those that instill fear in a child of … stranger danger, adulthood, outdoors, sexuality, intimacy, risk-taking.

    Discriminatory laws: those that … deny a child the right to appropriate sex education, sexual expression, relationship education, intimacy with others of choice.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      Thank you.

      I’ve written all of that, in one form or another, before…but I wanted a brief, to the point, version.

      I’m sure my Twitter stalkers will be pleased…though not pleased, that I didn’t express this on Twitter…

      I don’t get into these kinds of details on Twitter…You never know what’s going to trip off someone on the admin, make them spaz out and suspend your account.

  2. octaevius

    All Humans like to pretend that they believe that all are equal. We know that all Humans are the same and that there is no “Greater than” or “Less than”; so all Humans are entitled to the same rights. All Humans do what they do because of individual desire, ability and intent. No Human on Earth does anything because of their physical age, race, tribe, gender, sexuality, I.Q. etc. We see how it is ironic that with respect to physical age they pass laws to outlaw mandatory retirement while increasing ages to do activities legally such as smoking, driving, recreational sex etc. while they then decrease other ages such as being tried as an “Adult” for a violent crime. This is insane.
    If a 10 year old has the ability to go to a poll near election and register and then return on voting day with proof of address and I.D. ; there is no reason why they should not be permitted to vote. If a 13 year old can go to the D.M.V. and pass the written exam and then show up and pass the driving test; there is no reason why they should not be permitted to drive.
    I agree Steve that it is time for Humans to begin actually doing what they say through these absurd laws. In Truth there is no law apart from “Universal Law”. All Humans may do whatever they desire provided that they do no harm to others or to their environment.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      Thank you, octaevius.

      It’s often astonished me, how so many people believe that the insane ocean of written laws we are currently drowning in, are “the right way to live”…As if “this is the best we can do”, and “nothing else is better”.

      …Ever ask yourself why so many people find appeal in the “Grizzly Adams” story, of leaving civilization behind, to go be in the wilderness and live genuinely free within nature?…

      …I think it’s because most of us understand on a primal level, the insanely burdensome, handicapping, unfulfilling and injurious effects that this system imposes…and we no longer want any part of it.

      In my opinion…your average human, and likely the overwhelming majority of humans, are not built to withstand this kind of relentless assault, which current social models have imposed.

      …I think this endless stress, isolation and demeaning subjugation, is directly behind why so many people mentally break, go insane, become violent…heck…even the school shootings, for example.

  3. thetidalmoons

    I really do agree that in general age of consent laws are really, really stupid and do not reflect human sexual reality.


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