Fear Mongering, Hyperbolic Propaganda and Trash Talking, Aimed at Our Days of Observance…

Date: April 25, 2017

01) Beware of Alice Day! April 25th


Alice Day is Pedophile Pride Day across the globe. Let’s do all we can to raise awareness about this day.”

I’m all but certain, “pedophile pride day” was appended to Alice Day, by trash talkers who were trying to sensationalize, mock and ridicule this day of observance…Those are the only sorts I’ve ever seen using that phrase.

Looking at this video…Some of the notions she’s spreading here, are just laughable.

You know what’s going to make “pedophile leaders” dress in checkered clothes, or “pedophiles” hang out at ice cream parlors?…

…Little more than them getting a kick, out of individually mocking your ridiculous caricatures of us.

Personally…I’m about ready to go mow the lawn, on Alice Day…

You people out there who are unfamiliar with our days of observance, need to stop pretending like this is some underground, ominous plot “that must be stopped”…And you need to stop spreading false, ridiculous information about us, who we are and what we are up to.

You are all just talking trash about us.

Why don’t you actually approach people who observe Alice Day [or IBLD], and actually find out what it is about, as opposed to relying on propagandists who don’t know what they are talking about?

1 thought on “Fear Mongering, Hyperbolic Propaganda and Trash Talking, Aimed at Our Days of Observance…

  1. eqfoundation Post author

    Just to clarify…I was under the impression that the “enchantedlifepath” URL was either owned by this person in the video, or someone who is of her mindset…I didn’t actually visit it, to find out that it’s been suspended.

    The URL sounds exactly like something they would come up with.

    We don’t need cryptic codes…and if that page is alleged to be owned by a “pedophile”…it’s likely a propaganda plant, from someone who’s morally outraged, who thinks they need to bolster outrage by “inflating the problem” as they see it.

    You’d probably be shocked, if you knew how much of this sort of content is placed out there, solely by idiots who are trying to be disruptive and destructive…People who aren’t even part of the MAP community, at all.


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