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I’m Trans, and I Love Jordan Peterson…

Date: April 28, 2017

01) I’m Trans, and I Love Jordan Peterson

“He cares about us and he is worried.”

Agreed…Jordan Peterson is not against trans people…He’s fighting against the criminalization of social speech…and a government that imagines it has a right, a duty and an ability, to do such.

If you want a government that can get away with throwing people into prison, for no genuine reason at all…let them get away with passing these sorts of laws.

Where Are the Moderate Muslims?…


Date: April 28, 2017

01) Where Are the Moderate Muslims?

“After every terrorist attack, politicians and pundits reassure us that the atrocity does not represent the true beliefs of the “moderate Muslim majority.” But how many moderates are there? And what exactly does “moderate” mean? Military instructor and researcher Hussein Aboubakr explains.”


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