Chemical and Biological ‘Damages’…

Date: April 30, 2017

01) ‘Consent’ the reasoning!

“Maybe I am missing some obvious facts, maybe I’m being naiive, come on, why are adult/kid sexual relationships CONSIDERED bad (including the basics) …hit me with all the gruesome details!”

Perhaps someone who’s better familiar with this can comment, or add further detail, as I don’t have any links…and I’m patently laymen, when it comes to my attempts at explaining this type of thing…

…But a number of years back, while searching for a “holy grail” that would conclusively connect the integrity of science with the idea of “sex’s unavoidable harm to a child [or “the undeveloped”]”…They came up with chemical and biological alterations, experienced by the child.

As I see it…it essentially fell into two categories…

One is stress related, dealing with issues of conflict, social shame, fear of discovery…holding a secret…feeling of betrayal, to those you know would not approve…etc, etc…The harm showing itself in chemical imbalance, from long term stress…and the kinds of bodily stuff, that can genuinely be fallout of that stress and imbalance.

The second being based on early life exposure, to dopamine released during sex and orgasm. I don’t know where this one exactly goes, except that they claim it is bad for people in certain stages of development, to experience these bursts of dopamine. Whether they were trying to offer this up like a “drug addiction” theme…or they actually claimed that the sex chemicals caused damage, stunting, etc, when exposed to long term…I don’t really recall.

It would be interesting if someone familiar with this line of research could make comment…Give a heads up, on whether it withstood peer review rigor…Give any thought.

I personally don’t even remember who did the study…Potentially, I’ve got information about it, saved somewhere…

It might just be a bunch of psychobabble.

Of course…The first branch can be seen, in the same way as PTSD…In which people have problems, when forced to remain in a high stress setting, long term. It sidesteps the possibility, that the setting could be changed…and just blames the outcome on the chosen villain.

…The dopamine exposure, is a lot more tricky to refute…I mean, who’s going to secure the funding, and do the research on chronically masturbating kids, versus “celibate” ones?

…I’m sure we have a sea of anecdotal evidence, however.

This exact topic [“chemical related damage, from a minor’s sexual exposures”] has been bounding around in my mind for the past few days, ever since a remarkably arrogant, abusive person approached me on Twitter, claiming all this knowledge on CSA studies, on physiological damage from chemical imbalance due to CSA [which he claimed to suffer from]…And made it clear that he’s “above me”, and “above” anything I had to offer in return [including research…which, incidentally, I did offer]…”I have absolutely nothing to say about this issue, anywhere, anytime, under any circumstances”…

He about half had a meltdown, lost his faculties…and spent the remainder of our encounter trying to enflame and goad me into joining a live stream, with him and his buddies…All in the face of previously telling me “I’m nothing special” and “perverts are a dime a dozen”…

His buddies are trolls, who produce garbage media…I told him to get lost.

…But the idea of “chemical damage” has stuck with me…I started having a vague memory, of this issue being introduced and furthered [or at least pushed], in the research field.

3 thoughts on “Chemical and Biological ‘Damages’…

  1. feinmann0

    In my humble opinion damage is caused in situations where the child is subjected to trauma, and not where adult-child interaction is consensual whatever the activity.

    We know children happily and naturally experiment sexually with trusted peers and often from an early age, so logic dictates that trusted adults would provide an equally happy experience for the child too. This pre-supposes of course a world in which consensual adult-child sexual play was acceptable and not a dangerous perversion punishable by social death.

    Incidentally, there are references to chemical imbalances in cases of child abuse and neglect, for example here:

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      Thank you!

      If only the world thought so clearly and honest.

      Of course, I think you are correct. People make a lot of bad out of it, that it objectively really isn’t.

      1. feinmann0

        I suspect that as minor attraction and child abuse has been conflated into a single entity, so too has child sexuality and trauma-induced chemical imbalances. These dishonest conflations tend to be pedaled by the usual suspects, namely those with a discriminatory agenda who cannot accept the fact that consensual sex is both harmless and enjoyable at any age and harmless and enjoyable intergenerationally.

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