The Squeaky Wheel Gets The Grease…

Date: May 04, 2017

01) The Squeaky Wheel Gets The Grease

While I personally lean more towards Male Rights Activism, which includes the rights of both men and boys…I have got to say…It is total insanity, that anybody equates Men’s Rights Activism with “a hate group”, in their own mind.

Many people don’t like to hear this politically incorrect truth…but in today’s era, the lion’s share of hostile intolerance and degradation is coming from feminism…and their loony ideas over “Who’s born into privilege and power…Hence, who must be socially attacked and hobbled”…It’s a lot of subjective insanity…and it’s ripping our social stability apart.

You cannot live peacefully with these sorts of people, because they make it impossible to peacefully coexist with them.

…This is why so many people are frustrated and angry with feminism.

Tolerance is a two way street…Today’s feminism seems oblivious to this fact.

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