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LIVE with Jordan Peterson: Free Speech, Psychology, Gender Pronouns…

Date: May 05, 2017

01) LIVE with Jordan Peterson: Free Speech, Psychology, Gender Pronouns

“Streamed live on May 5, 2017

Jordan Peterson (psychology professor) joins Dave LIVE for a discussion about psychology, free speech, gender pronouns and more. Dave and Jordan will be taking questions live on Patreon and YouTube”

Personally…there is something very biologically motivated in my actions as a MAP…I realize and have experienced, the damage and conflict associated with extreme intolerance.

I condemn extreme intolerance and all the rabid viciousness that comes with it, and I personally fight against it…because this world cannot exist in peace, in the presence of such a thing.

Extreme intolerance is probably the singular worst manifestation of evil there is…Because it often takes it’s target [commonly the non-violent by nature, like lovers or intellectual pursuers of knowledge and solution], and it either destroys them along with what real good they stood to produce in the world…or it forces them to become a warrior in this fight for survival…Either way, it takes someone with a positive nature, and forces them into a personal evolution that diverts them away from what they naturally have to offer. It commonly destroys the human that once was…a type of human needed, to counterbalance the injurious impact of extreme intolerance.

There is an unspeakable tragedy in that.

…This world has so much to answer for.

…It is collectively so sick in the head, that it refuses to see it’s necessary antidote…deeper understanding and acceptance.