Paul Romano…

Date: May 09, 2017

01) How can this be Really Happening?

About eleven minutes in, is where things start getting revealing…Things go deep into “pizzagate” territory.

Probably fifteen or more years back, someone brought a link to a website [and book, I believe] to BoyChat…I wish I could revisit that post, but it is certainly not online.

They offered it to get response…likely hoping to get signs of thought “outside the echo chamber”…And I never thought ill of them for doing this…But at the same time, I could sense that the guy they were bringing attention to had something at least subtly off about him…He was offering a different perspective…Not one entirely without merit…But one that’s very skewed, from a career of working with severely abused children…In short…he was operating from a fringe, himself…And how he was going about making all these broad spanning proclamations that he just “knew from experience”, was troubling to me.

I don’t know if I ever verified any connection or not…but this Paul Romano guy, totally reminds me of the guy I was just referencing.

You know…”This is what I’ve interpreted, out of what I’ve seen”…therefor…”This is how life works”…and…”This is how you must think, and what you must conform to”…and…”Pop psychology this”…and…”Pop psychology that”…and…”Here are my spiritual, moral ideas, for good measure”…Oh! And “I’m authoritative”…And “pedophiles” and early life human sexuality get demonized, every step of the way.

There are some things here, I think warrant a response…And that’s one thing I do like about people like this…They offer a more rare, precise set of hard ideas and questions, to chew on and respond to…I don’t believe those things should be glazed over, or ignored…

…But I see that I have responded to this guy in the past…

Is Pedophilia “Dark Energy”?…

I’m not convinced you can sincerely hold a productive dialogue with people like this…

When I respond to people like this…it’s far more about pointing out the shortcomings in what they are claiming.

Apparently he believes in “Celebrity Blood Sacrifices”, as well…

I’m not going to say anything else, right now…Except that responding to people like this, is like shooting fish in a barrel…

Most people should have enough common sense, to see through what this guy is trying to sell.

…Other’s comments are welcome, of course.

6 thoughts on “Paul Romano…

  1. Paul Romano

    Funny how you say you’re against illegal activity, isn’t pedo sexuality considered illeagal? How does a child who’s brain hasn’t fully been developed and still doesn’t know how to make decisions like an adult be subject to this? No child should ever have to suffer like this. This is sick and twisted. And who ever ingages in pedo sexuality will be found and reported to the police.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      Hi, Paul…

      Actually, I’ve always strongly advise people not to engage in illegal activity…This does not mean that I believe all things currently illegal, should be illegal.

      I am a humanitarian, and wish that people remain out of prison.

      The state of being a pedosexual is not illegal…Nor is the state of being a sexual human being…not even if some sexual acts are.

      How does a child who’s brain hasn’t fully been developed and still doesn’t know how to make decisions like an adult be subject to this?

      Subject to what?…You do understand, that children are sexual beings also?

      Relegating sex to the realm of “adulthood” [whatever that happens to be], is as unnatural as it gets.

      No child should ever have to suffer like this. This is sick and twisted.

      You’re reading a lot into this…A lot that does not belong, I’m sure.

      And who ever ingages in pedo sexuality will be found and reported to the police.

      Well…thank you so much, for your display of sexual supremacism…and threatening tone.

      It’s unfortunate how quickly things devolved, for you.

    2. feinmann0

      “… isn’t pedo sexuality considered illeagal?” and “… who ever ingages in pedo sexuality will be found and reported to the police.” Paul Romano gives himself away as a discriminator, and plainly an ignorant and unlettered one at that. Is sexuality an ‘illeagal’ activity? Perhaps, if thought police existed, and if thinking desirous thoughts was a criminal act.

      “How does a child who’s brain hasn’t fully been developed …” The prefrontal cortex doesn’t stop developing until one is in their 20s and myelinzation of white matter continues on till even later; adolescence is calculated to end at age 25. Further, in those US states that have set a boundary, the age of criminal responsibility lies between 6 and 12. In the UK it is set to 10. Paul is just one of many who wilfully forget their own childhood experiences, and instead jump on the hysterical bandwagon claiming children to be asexual.

      The only thing that is ‘sick and twisted’ in all of this is incompetent Anglosphere governments ruining the lives of countless thousands of children due from, to name but a few: physical abuse in the home, neglect in the home, vindictive sex laws, inadequate sex education, promotion of violence in every walk of life, circumcision of male infants, the war on boys via equity in school education.

      1. eqfoundation Post author

        Thank you for that, feinmann0. 🙂

        I just recently linked to a story about brain development…and gave a few thoughts.

        It’s ironic just how subjective it all is;…what children are expected to do at certain ages, and what children are forbidden to do at certain ages.

        Like the alleged asexual child…Nothing supports this…But it’s presumed a given…Meanwhile, they can do all sorts of things that could get them killed…like sports of all type…Heck, they’re encouraged.

        What’s insane to me…is that they’ve unnaturally assigned sex to “adulthood”…and they cannot even figure out what adulthood is…or where it begins.

        Now we have this bizarre situation…where you have to be 25 years old, in order to have a “fully developed” brain…If that’s their excuse for forbidding sex from children…then how do they defend not forbidding it to everyone below the age of 25?

        Curious question…isn’t it life experiences, that help a brain to develop?…Isn’t it damaging, to deny life experiences to the brain?

  2. eqfoundation Post author

    I should say something.

    I never write [or speak] with intent to be degrading to anyone…But I suppose, comparing Paul to someone I have found “a bit off”…or saying I think picking these people’s words apart, is like “shooting fish in a barrel”, might come off a bit mean…

    I have spent enough time in the past, watching Paul’s videos…to know that they are very hyperbolic, and dehumanizing towards MAPs…as well as dismissive towards childhood sexuality.

    Thing is…they are so simplistic, and clearly the product of a mind out of touch with reality…It has honestly been my experience, that the people who go there, tend to be psychologically unsophisticated…and often inept.

    Sometimes they offer interesting statements and accusations…But they’re almost universally easy to run circles around…because their views and understanding are so far out of touch with reality.

    One thing they hate…is anybody standing up and calling bullshit on them…And you get the usual chest beating, insults and posing…the likes of which we see above…

    This post was not terribly well formed…It’s also not actually done…It’s the product of my day, sorting through a bunch of playlists on my YouTube account…I save videos on playlists, which I want to come back to…I happened across the one in this post…I started constructing a post, which was going to respond to some things in the video…Then it started getting late, and I needed to run to the bank…and one thing led to another…and I didn’t want to put what I had into a text file, dropping it into a folder where I’d never come back to it…So, I just posted it, as a conversation piece for the MAP community.

    I suppose…people like Paul are often very touchy, where knowledgeable people start to take notice…and take issue with what they are doing…

    Again…I never intend to be mean, but let’s be real…

    …Once they wander into the realm of “satanic conspiracies, demonic possession and blood sacrifice”…the bar has already been set extremely low.

    I’m sorry if running into reality is distressing for Paul…But if he wishes to release hyperbolic, dehumanizing propaganda into the world…some might even call it dehumanizing hate speech…well then…sometimes people will respond to it…And they aren’t always going to be the people inside Paul’s own bubble…

    …Considering the impact this sort of behavior has had on my own life…I’ve never been terribly appreciative of it…and I haven’t minded saying so.

    My only apology is for the badly put together post…I’ll never apologize, for being critical of Paul’s media…nor that of any other person, peddling similar content.

    In my opinion…these sorts almost never face the critical response, that their behavior honestly deserves…

    …Because of this, they make up anything they please, no matter how nasty and insane…and they just put it out there, without a care of it’s consequence…without any notion, that they’ll ever have to assume responsibility for what they’ve done to other people…

    …That’s how much contempt these sorts have.

    …I’m just being real.

    I’d never even think of doing that to another human being, nor class of human being…It sucks when people behave that way.

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