Taking Issue with the Propagandists…

Date: May 10, 2017

A little follow up to the Paul Romano post from yesterday:

You can go to Paul’s YouTube channel, and survey his content for yourself.


I’m certainly not suggesting that every single video is aimed at dehumanizing and demonizing MAPs…But those sorts of hyperbolic propaganda are there.

It is my position, that this type of material objectively sets on par, with the anti-Jew propaganda from Nazi era Germany…It’s the modern day equivalent.

As such, it deserves critical and level headed response to it.

Of course…the media creator isn’t going to feel especially good about the criticism…It can be perceived as a substantial blow to their ego…Or it can deconstruct their world view…And they’re often not comfortable with that.

Thing is…Bad information, must be challenged…It must be scrutinized…Even when the majority will give it an easy pass, not judging it’s validity at all…Someone must stand up and say, “This is not correct.”…and point out what problems exist with it.

That is the spirit in which I brought Paul’s video here, yesterday.

…I just didn’t actually get around to making comments of my own, on the video itself.

7 thoughts on “Taking Issue with the Propagandists…

  1. feinmann0

    Wow! Paul Romano offers counselling/mentoring according to one of his videos at $50 a shot or $100 per week should more consultancy be needed, and in which he says: “… working as a clinician in the psychological field, working with the DSM5 and all these types of things.” Is it not a tad ironic that on the one hand this guy offers help to those struggling in dealing with the dysfunctional nature of society, and yet, being familiar and having worked with the DSM5 is perfectly willing to demonise and discriminate against those that admit to having paedosexual desires and who also struggle in dealing with the dysfunctional nature of society.

    In my opinion, this guy is a dangerous charlatan and should be the last person one should seek advice from on any matter psychological.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      I think I’m a more fitting person to approach for guidance, than Paul ever will be.

      You’re right…He seems oblivious to the staggering irony of his behavior.

      I’m amazed that anyone would even think of taking him up on such an offer…

      …Watching his media…it never crosses my mind, that this guy is at all trustworthy…On the contrary…I get the overwhelming sense, that he needs a padded room and straightjacket.

      What’s that old saying about the patients running the asylum?…Maybe Paul is trying to make that dream come true?

  2. Rebbecca

    The author of this article is saying pedophiles deserve rights but… what rights do they mean? If they are saying pedophiles have the right to not be hated for thoughts and desires that they have no control over I can agree. Many pedophiles live in complete control of their behaviour and never actually become child molesters, but are plagued by thoughts of being with children. They are mentally ill and need psychiatric help and are not deserving of the hatred they receive. However if the author is saying they should have the right to actually BE with children…. it’s disgusting. Children cannot consent. They are not old enough to make important decisions that’s why we don’t let them live by themselves. So, even if a child did verbally give their consent it would not count. The evidence that children are harmed by pedophilia is overwhelmingly staggering! This article gives the LGBTQ community a bad name.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      Thank you for your opinion, Rebbecca…

      You are sadly mistaken, however.

      This article is addressing the many people who create dehumanizing propaganda, aimed against MAPs.

      Being a MAP is not a mental illness.

      There is no practical reason why a MAP cannot be with children.

      …Call whatever it is you’re referencing “disgusting”, but that’s just your opinion…Just because it’s not your thing, does not make it disgusting.

      Heck…I could say I consider some things that homosexuals and heterosexuals do are disgusting…but that doesn’t mean a whole lot in the grand scheme, does it?

      And no…propaganda “studies” may make us appear being evil as the devil…But it’s a load of crap to say, that pedophilia harms children.

      I expect you’ll continue to spread the lie, however.

      Lastly…would you mind explaining how you are pulling the LGBTQ into all of this?

      The LGBT in particular, is largely beyond all of this…They no longer occupy the frontlines of the sexual liberation movement…They are the establishment, now…They have social standing, which can no longer be torn away…Propaganda against them, can easily be brushed off.

      This piece had nothing to really even do with the LGBT…

      That being said…as I have all of my life…I reserve the right to have and express opinions, about the social plight of LGBT people…including supportive ones, or critical ones.

      There are a lot of good people in the LGBT wing of the sexual rights movement…and there are a lot of abusive, self centered A-holes in it, as well…

      …But make no mistake…the LGBT is but one wing, or sub-group, of the sexual rights movement…It neither started with them, nor does it end with them…They’re just the loudest sub-group currently in the movement.

      MAPs have always been another sub-group…We are one wing of the movement.

      Don’t like it?…Well…it is not the LGBT’s movement…It has never belonged to them, alone.

      They have no domain or power over it.

    2. feinmann0

      “The evidence that children are harmed by pedophilia is overwhelmingly staggering!” (Rebecca says).

      One uses homophilia to mean an open, supportive and non-judgemental acceptance of human beings who are sexually attracted to their own gender, or, alternatively, towards the expression of warmth and intimacy between people of the same sex. Homophilia is the opposite of ‘homophobia’ – the fear or hatred of all things homophilic.

      One uses paedophilia to mean an open, supportive and non-judgemental acceptance of human beings who are sexually attracted to children, or, alternatively, towards the expression of warmth and intimacy between adults, adolescents and children . Paedophilia is the opposite of ‘paedophobia’ – the fear or hatred of all things paedophilic.

      To support Rebecca’s credibility she should name a single peer-reviewed scientific study to support her claim that ‘the evidence that children are harmed by pedophilia is overwhelmingly staggering’. And before she goes haring off to dig out something irrelevant, she should be very careful no to conflate paedophilia with child sexual abuse.

      I doubt very much there will be any response to my challenge from the (most likely) here yesterday, gone today Rebecca who has been quite plainly paedophobic in her comment above.

      And yes, eqfoundation is absolutely correct when he says paedophiles are a valid sexual minority group and belong fairly and squarely at the heart of the LGBT movement – we always have been and we always will be. Support us, do not denigrate us!

      1. eqfoundation Post author

        I’ll be shocked if she comes back.

        To be clear…I do recognize the divide that exists between the LGBT and MAPs, largely promulgated by the LGBT itself.

        While I think there is a rightful, natural place for us in the LGBT[Q]…I’m not holding my breath that this kind of unity is ever going to materialize, again…Not with the current crop of people.

        However…we never stopped being part of the sexual rights movement, just because portions of the LGBT stabbed us in the back, disowned us and left us for dead…and continued trying to kick us to death, in the aftermath.

        We are still right here, on the razors edge of this social fight for truth and humanity…at that point, where it most critically matters.

        By good right…MAPs should be the present face of this movement.

        The LGBT should eventually exit it, as they get their rights, as they become the social norm, and as they no longer need this kind of strategy to gain social standing.

        Maybe after the LGBT no longer has a powerful ultra conservative base of enemies manipulating them, causing havoc and dividing us as natural allies…maybe then, there can be a more open helping hand up, offered by the LGBT.

        …It’s a pity though…All the true, fierce, honorable activists with integrity, are either dead or marginalized out of the current LGBT.

        I should clarify…There are a lot of sweet and worthwhile people in the LGBT…They are wonderful to have in this world, and I give them all the support I can…

        …But there are no real, “brass balls” activists, who unflinchingly stand up for total truth in sexuality.

        …Those sorts aren’t allowed anywhere near the LGBT top leadership…They’re either bullied into staying quiet, or they’re pushed out and demonized.

        …This is why the LGBT of today is essentially irrelevant, to the actual sexual rights movement…They aren’t even fighting the core battle, anymore.

        They don’t stand for total truth in sexuality…Once they’ve left that battlefield, there isn’t much use for them in the sexual rights movement.

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