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Jay North’s Tormented Childhood (Dennis The Menace)…

Date: May 11, 2017


Yes, I know…”E!, Entertainment Television documentary drama”…it’s tabloid “rag sheet” level…

I’m not sure Jay North’s life story deserves the “destroyed life” treatment it’s getting here…These companies have a flare for overdramatized distortion, after all…

I would say it sounds extremely crappy, what Jay’s aunt and uncle did to him.

I think we pretty much all have these sorts of people in our lives, when we are kids…Of course, their effect is compounded if they’re around you all the time.

I just cant imagine why it’s the kid who’s the face of a phenomenally successful television show, who’s the one being abused…Seems to me, he was the one who was a hell of a lot more successful, than the people doing the slapping, violent shaking and stern demanding.

Those people were riding his coattails…What a way to show gratitude.