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Bill Maher Richsplains Liberalism to Progressives: “Go F*ck Yourselves”…

Date: May 15, 2017

01) Bill Maher Richsplains Liberalism to Progressives: “Go F*ck Yourselves”

“Multimillionaire Maher, who works for Time Warner—Hillary Clinton’s 10th largest donor—took the time to #richsplain liberalism to progressive peasants. According to Bill, being liberal entails you peasants shutting up and accept the crumbs given to you by the Democratic Party, and if you refuse to fall in line, then you’re a bad person—and you should feel bad!”

Laci Green is Changing the Game…

Date: May 14, 2017

01) Laci Green is Changing the Game

Open dialogue and the sincere search for understanding is always a good direction.

It is the only direction, for those seeking conflict resolution.

There will always be conflict of opinion…but there must be open dialogue.

The mindset which claims “These matters are settled, and I don’t have to respect you as a human being, or your right to a voice”, is at the root of what is causing so much social breakdown…and it’s keeping people at each other’s throats, because it works to sabotage the finding of common ground and mutual respect.

40 Thousand Visits to Our Love Frontier!…


Date: May 15, 2017

Another milestone for Our Love Frontier!

The WordPress incarnation of Our Love Frontier [a blog roughly four years old], has surpassed 40 thousand visits.

I think we’ve finally broken through a sort of glass ceiling, as visit numbers remain steady…and often surge…They continue to grow.

It’s interesting what happens, when you finally have a stable base for a handful of years.

…You get a much clearer idea, of whether or not there is an audience for this type of content…whether or not a demographic exists, that wants and needs this.

I know some people who visit here are hostile…But it still good to see things blossom here.

In one form or another, this diary of content has been carried by me for the past eleven years…While there has been praise and appreciation shown towards it…this has been a historically rare event…Possibly, many MAPs have shunned the project, because they don’t really believe that opening up to the wider human collective is worthwhile…Maybe, they think a social dialogue is doomed from the start.

To me…this largely ignored and unseen journey, has been absolutely enriching, powerful and good…I would do it all over again, even if just for the developed personal ethos that has come out of it…As a MAP, I have an outright large collection of writings and recordings…regarding a lot of issues…including the self reflective, on being a homosexual pedophile…These sorts of insightful collections do not come to exist, by the daily initiatives of “normal” culture…

…These things come into being, because others attempt to destroy this manifestation of beautiful humanity…They come into being, because a line so unconscionable has been violated.

I fight, because this is a fight which is worth it…It’s a fight that cannot be walked away from, or ignored…It’s a fight that will continue to find us, and shove itself into our faces…

As MAP’s…these are our “backed into the corner” days.

…The only option is to stand up to it, and fight back.