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FCC’s Ajit Pai Laughs Off Criticism with Cringeworthy Mean Tweets Sketch…

Date: May 21, 2017

01) FCC’s Ajit Pai Laughs Off Criticism with Cringeworthy Mean Tweets Sketch

“FCC Chairman Ajit Pai launched an all-out attack on net neutrality, and under his leadership, the internet as we know it may soon be destroyed. Americans have spoken out against his pro-corporate agenda, but rather than taking their legitimate concerns into consideration he decided to make fun of the people worried about the internet, and tried to humanize himself by reading mean tweets sent to him concerning the outrage sparked by his decision to gut net neutrality.”

Turkish Officials Attack Peaceful Protesters in America…

Date: May 21, 2017

01) Turkish Officials Attack Peaceful Protesters in America

“During a visit with President Trump, Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan was greeted by Turkish-American and Kurdish-American protestors. His armed thugs decided to then attack said protesters, which lead to a huge brawl in the streets of Washington D.C. Turkish officials are denying they were at fault, arguing protesters “provoked” them, and Trump has remained silent on the matter.

Source: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/05/17/us/turkish-embassy-protest-dc.html

‘Heart Progress’: As Things Evolve…

Date: May 21, 2017

My History of Comment and Acknowledgement over “Heart Progress”:

Heart Progress – Our Mission: Fight for LGBTQP+ Rights!…

This was a general “heads up” post, alerting the MAP community that someone new had emerged, and was claiming to fight on our behalf. It was not an endorsement, and you can clearly tell such by my subsequent comments over the following two days.

Master Torxbit: Another #PizzaGate Guy Targets BoyChat and Heart Progress…

A response to #PizzaGate propaganda, which dragged BoyChat into everything…Heart Progress was also included. This was early on, and there was not much to go on when estimating the integrity of Heart Progress. Things were in the “wait and watch” phase. I gave a bit of goodwill advice to Heart Progress, and waited to see what would come of it.

Anonymous security alert – does Pedo-luring allow ISIS an inroad to attacking its online foe?…

Not mine, but relevant to the discussion.

“Heart Progress” – An Official EQF Statement…

My official EQF statement on Heart Progress, which I have been abiding by to the best of my ability.

I’ve also left several comments on Tom O’Carroll’s blog, regarding this matter.

I also left a comment on BoyChat, regarding an alleged “Heart Progress radio interview”, which in my opinion felt staged.

Recent “Heart Progress” Activity on Twitter:

Ernst Steiner and James Carter have been leader personas of “Heart Progress”. The James Carter persona was still posting the typical “Heart Progress” shtick, only a mere few hours before making these tweets…using the exact same account, which is now terminated.

It appears that two core “members”, have now admitted that the whole thing is a fraud.

A Few Personal Comments:

In these last four and a half months, to my knowledge, “Heart Progress” has never reached out to the existing MAP community, in any substantive way. There’s been a little dialogue and retweeting on Twitter, but no true alliance, cooperation or merging.

“Heart Progress” came out of nowhere, and it’s just been existing out there as an isolated entity.

They haven’t really done much, other than get into fights with people on Twitter, and get lots of their own Twitter accounts suspended and terminated…They’ve lost a Google+ account, or two…maybe a Facebook page…They also have an underwhelming website and chat board.

You cannot keep an eye on them on Twitter, anymore, because they quickly get banned.

The established online MAP community [which has a history going back decades], has been right in being suspicious of “Heart Progress”. “Heart Progress” has never been endorsed by the MAP community.

Now…I stand by what I said on Tom’s blog…It would tare me up, to realize I’d condemned a sincere, MAP friendly group, that’s merely been overrun by trolls…But I see no evidence, that “Heart Progress” even had a history prior to it’s “trolled” [and presumably “hijacked”] era.

Things just keep slipping down the rabbit hole, with “Heart Progress”…I see nothing of substance to hold out hope on.

I started out by giving “Heart Progress” a chance, to show us what it was about and what it could do…as I typically do with newcomers.

They appear to be provocateurs, mish meshing legitimate MAP issues with a lot of other extreme viewpoints…and trying to get a lot of people at each other’s throats.

My Conclusion:

Even the people who started “Heart Progress” are admitting it was a troll project…They express desire to shut it down, but cannot because it’s been hijacked by other trolls.

I am satisfied, believing that “Heart Progress” was a campaign with ill intent.

Shame on those people, who’ve exploited MAPs like this.