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Who’s Attacking Who?…

Date: May 22, 2017

Note: This person was not directing this to me, and I am merely responding to a few ideas they have expressed.

How is identifying objective parallels in social disenfranchisement and demonization of different groups, an attack?

Nobody says homosexuals and pedosexuals are 100% equivalent. But both have suffered the same social maltreatments, misunderstandings and hobbling.

You cannot deny the right to any group, of being treated ethically. When you do, it is you who are the monster.

“You choose to identify as pedo first b4 being a person.”

Here we have a prime example, of a mind which dehumanizes pedophiles.

A pedophile is a human. These two things are not in competition…They absolutely do not exclude each other.

Being a pedophile is one manifestation of being human…or being a person, as this individual has phrased it.

Stated another way…pedophilia is part of the human condition, every bit as much as heterosexuality and homosexuality…and seeing, hearing, smelling…thinking…expressing…eating and breathing.

The ‘Plump, Little Cock of Danny Torrance’…

Date: May 22, 2017

01) The Shining (1977) Roger The Dogman Audio

…”I’m going to eat you up, little boy…And I think I’ll start with your plump, little cock”…

I’ve never read The Shining, though I’ve meant too for years…So, I never realized such a stark reference to Danny Torrance’s penis was in the story.

I guess I now realize, why the strange dog [I thought it was a bear] suited guy in the movie, got such little time on screen…It was Danny’s vision…not Wendy’s…

…And they wasn’t going to have a big guy in a creepy dog suit, threatening to bit of a small boys penis…

However fortunate that is, as watching Danny flee to save his plump, little penis, surely would have been distressing…I have to admit, that I find Stephen Kings repeated references to children’s genitalia [and sexuality], rather intriguing.

I always liked how he never shied away from this sort of thing.

I loved the movie [not the mini series]…Think it’s time I at least got the audio book.

A Fish Out Of Water [Short Film][2015]…

Date: May 22, 2017

01) A Fish Out Of Water [Short Film][2015]

“The sudden loss of his father puts 9-year-old Zac in the care of his estranged mother and confronted with some of life’s harshest realities.

With his friend Oliver by his side, Zac faces what he feels is his biggest hurdle yet: catching a fish without dad’s help.

Zac – William Franklyn-Miller
Oliver -Samuel Edwards”

Democrat Rejects Grieving Mother’s ‘Medicare for All’ Plea (Then Gets OWNED!)…

Date: May 20, 2017

01) Democrat Rejects Grieving Mother’s ‘Medicare for All’ Plea (Then Gets OWNED!)

“Rep. Ruben Kihuen is a freshman congressman that represents Nevada’s 4th district, and campaigned on the idea that healthcare is a “basic human right.” Seemingly, he should be an ally in the fight for single-payer, but has yet to cosponsor H.R. 676. When confronted about this by a mother that lost her daughter due to a lack of insurance, he looked her in the eyes and rejected her plea. His constituents, however, weren’t too happy about that and quickly put him in his place.”