This is Post 2000!…

Date: May 24, 2017

This is post number 2000, on the WordPress incarnation of Our Love Frontier…

You know…they’ve been telling me for years, decades actually, that “I’m not good enough”…”I’m not human enough”…”I’m not wanted, or welcome enough”…to hold and express an opinion on anything, in a public setting.

…that I somehow don’t have the bare bones human right, to simply be, and express myself on platforms equivalent to that of any other person.

…And they did their damndest, to knock me down and snuff me out…to intimidate me into silence…

…At times, the blows have hurt…Much of my previous writing and media is not presently online, because of these vicious attacks…

It has taken monumental efforts on my part, to rebuild in the blogosphere…three times over…

…This has always been my answer, whenever people have destroyed my castle…I merely break new ground, and rebuild…My resolution is far deeper and more vast, than their hate will ever be.

A little known “secret” that these bozos who show up here threatening to out and destroy me don’t know…is that my identity was discovered many, many years ago…and for at least the past solid five years…some of these nitwits have been pestering me with their cowardly tactics…

I’ve been living for over half a decade, in the face of malicious people holding this threat over my head…And I still say, they can all go screw themselves…I will continue doing the good work that I am doing.

It is precisely because of people like them, that Our Love Frontier has risen to the heights it has…

…Our Love Frontier exists to combat, what malicious people do to demonized and disenfranchised minorities.

…And I will never cave in to these people’s threats.

Because of them, Our Love Frontier must exist.

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