What’s Causing Marvel’s Low Sales…


Date: May 25, 2017

01) What’s Causing Marvel’s Low Sales – HINT: It’s NOT Diversity – ediTHORGIals

“Recently Marvel’s Senior Vice President of Sales said that their numbers had been down and it was because of “women” and “diverse” books. Allow me, a retailer who covers this stuff for his job, to retort and tell you why that’s not even close to the case.

And as I mentioned there’s an article over on CBR that points out many of the numbers that I referenced here today, so go give it a read right here http://www.cbr.com/no-diversity-didnt-kill-marvels-comic-sales/

SJW Marvel Sales Apocalypse…On Purpose?:

I’ve never really been into comic books…Which isn’t to say that I dislike them…It’s just not something I got into. I’ve not had the spare money for it, anyway.

My interest in this as of late, has to do with the forced changes in the product…and what outcome it’s yielding.

Of course…there are other factors at play…and these videos give an interesting alternate viewpoint, from “nobody likes SJW preaching”.

Print media is largely dying…which is a shame, because hard copies don’t become inaccessible when the power goes out…They cannot have their access turned off, or limited in how you can view them.

Electric media is highly manipulated media.


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