Explaining Something to Those Who Smear…


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Date: June 02, 2017

Here we have a person on Twitter, asking his followers to report my Twitter account “for pedophilia and child rape”…

Being a pedophile who uses Twitter, is not against the Twitter terms of service…so, it’s a complete non-issue.

…The child rape allegation is a complete lie, and a smear.

The Context:

I politely engaged with his friend, the day before…following her participation in a vicious feeding frenzy, aimed at Nigel Oldfeild.

His friend was aggressive, abusive, behaving like a hysteric, accusing me of raping children [and alleging I’d admitted to such]…And, she immediately turned around, attempting to distort the exchange, with selective screen captures of the exchange. She was fraudulently trying to strum up outrage against me, on Twitter.

I stood up for myself, and responded thoughtfully, honestly and instructively, to her barrage of accusations…She blocked me, after I realized what she was attempting to do to me.

Then this guy comes onto the scene…and basically does the same kind of hostile accusations…To which I calmly responded, once again…After not too much time, he also blocked me…He could not produce a valid citation link, where I had admitted to raping children…[which makes sense, because I’ve never raped a child, and such an admission does not exist]…

After he ran off in a huff, Kamil Beylant shared a capture of this tweet with me…and established that we have yet another practitioner of back biting, smear campaigning attacks, from a place of hiding, concealment and shelter from valid critique.

…I don’t need to append any labels to these types of people…because their behavior is damning and shameful enough, on it’s own.

To Those Inclined to Behave Like This:

It’s important that you understand a few things…

…Making false allegations against people, is a crime in most places.

If this ever evolves into any dangerous situation offline…you may be held responsible for it, and even criminally charged for incitement to violence [or murder]…You can also be sued in a civil court, by the person you have targeted.

As to Twitter…who do you think you are fooling?…

Any Twitter authority you appeal to, can check the exchange we just had…They can directly see, that I was cordial, attentive, clear and thorough…that I never did what you claim I did…that I soundly refuted your accusations, but you were too hysterical to comprehend it…

In short, they will be able to tell that your complaint is bogus…And anyone of moderate intelligence, should be able to decipher this much.

The Twitter authority will also know that I was not stalking or harassing you, as I was solely responding to your abusive tweets against me…Which I have a right to do, especially while you are choosing to remain engaged with me.

It’s transparent, that you are making false allegations.

In My Opinion:

People who perform these malicious smear campaigns should lose their Twitter account, and be banned from Twitter permanently.

If the person targeted by them requests such, Twitter should turn over any identifying information to any ongoing legal investigations.

These people should be sued, and criminally charged for malicious misconduct, including malicious interference with the human right of communication, and the malicious act of endangerment by smearing the character of another person.

These people are engaged in scummy, indefensible behavior.


4 thoughts on “Explaining Something to Those Who Smear…

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      Hi, Maptype!

      I’ve made a small handful of post with regards to “pizzagate”. Yes, there are some very gullible people out there, who will believe anything.

  1. Kamil Beylant

    The woman you describe as ‘his friend,’ Dunaújváros (Hungary) feminist Simon Anita (who constantly changes her twitter names), also tweeted the blithe fabrication, “They all had posts on their timeline about how the age of consent is a myth and they all advocated for normalizing adult-child contact.” Apparently, people are used to being able to say anything that pops into their heads on the highly emotional topic of law-abiding minor-attracted people, sure that everyone will be too intimidated by mob emotion to correct them. That allegation, indeed, was only made after she had blocked everyone who might try to correct it.

    The currently stigmatized group in any society attracts an enormous burden of people with mental health issues, and at this time, there are also many who would like to find any lightning rod at which to flash their fury at molestation they, their friends, or people they’ve read about experienced. Apparently being doggedly and conscientiously innocent isn’t an adequate defense against their automatic attribution of crime. What they don’t reckon with is that the people who have steeled themselves and done the work to maintain their own ethics are the least likely people in the world to be pushed over by the false accusation tactics. Irresistible outrage-panic gibber meets immovable probity. Guess who will win this one.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      Thanks, Kamil!…And welcome to Our Love Frontier!

      I don’t really have much to add to this.

      The fact that those are the methods and tactics they use to attack people, says everything about their character and ethics.

      I would never behave like that, towards another person…no matter how much I disagreed with them.


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