Blaire White’s Hatred, Bigotry, & Pedophobia…

Date: June 03, 2017

01) Blaire White’s Hatred, Bigotry, & Pedophobia

“Oh but she’s so moral isn’t she!? Think of the children!”

Note: Between the time I wrote these comments and the time I posted them, Blair invited me to a debate on her channel.

For several reasons, I do not do media in a confrontational setting…I don’t even do much media of my own, anymore.

I want to get back into creating media, but it’s complicated. Whatever bits of media I do put out there, are “spur of the moment” stuff, when I’m feeling up to it. I’ve been in ill physical health, most of my life…This has a tremendous impact on me, and can be far worse some days than others. Some days you wake up, and it’s hard to walk, speak, or even put together a coherent though…Every now and then, there are spurts of roaring back, and I’m back on top of my craft…This has become increasingly rare.

It’s impossible to gage how things will be, from one day to the next…which is the primary reason I don’t put myself out there, for this kind of media…It’s very unlikely to be productive.

I’m not in the business of debating…I’m in the business of sharing information, and building a kind of MAP ethos.

I sometimes get mocked and ridiculed for this…called a coward, etc…But keep in mind…live debates in front of a webcam, were never part of my plan, to begin with…I never sought or offered that…And it in no way discredits what I do.

I have far deeper, more serious reason to safeguard myself and this subject, than most people have to even care, while attacking what I do. I will not engage in anything, which I feel is likely to be unproductive, or poses the chance to cause damage.

However…I generally remain available, for open interaction via text.

This video is fair…

Blair’s original video is bankrupt of substance…It displays a painfully shallow understanding…And it doesn’t really even give any excuse, as to why Blair did the video, or presumably wants MAPs [and intelligent speech about them], and people who talk rationally about childhood sexuality, gone from YouTube…

…It really amounts to…”There they are!…What are we going to do about it?”…

At no point does she contemplate holding a dialogue with MAPs…She even dehumanizes these two people she features, and presumably MAPs in general, by comparing them to roaches.

To no avail…I was trying to make a point to her, and get her to at least acknowledge that she dehumanized other human beings…and that there is a difference between the state of being a MAP, and the state of being a “child molester”.

…It only garnered a smug response from her…

Blair…I implore you to acknowledge the distinctions noted above, and apologize to the MAP community.

You know you’ve crossed a line, here…You cannot possibly not realize this.

Blair’s Original Video:

4 thoughts on “Blaire White’s Hatred, Bigotry, & Pedophobia…

  1. Feminism is Fascism

    I nominate this girl to the human stupidity gold prize:

    A “Feminism-is-not-killing-men” girl aged 19 say that sex with 17 years old is rape and opposing it is misogyny:

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      The problem with “third wave” feminism, is that it’s not about empowering the common individual…It’s about pushing and enforcing a social ideology. Ideologies are usually disconnected from objective reality.

  2. Caddie C

    My response to this? Bravo to Blaire White. If comparing my abuser to a pile of garbage hurts your precious MAP/pedophile feelings then too bad. I’m glad that man is dead.


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