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Mellisa Zaccaria and the ‘Pizzagate’ Smear Campaign…


Mellisa Zaccaria aka “The Honey Bee”.

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Mellisa Zaccaria: Pizza witchhunt @ Boston Pride…


Date: June 06, 2017

01) Mellisa Zaccaria: Pizza witchhunt @ Boston Pride

Originally posted by Bernie Najarian on BoyChat, June 6th, 2017.

In one of the stranger convergences in LGBT history, a woman who has claimed to receive divine gun advice from America’s most virulent anti-Sodomite fundamentalist preacher is scheduled to lead a component of the June 10 Boston Pride march on behalf of a group of mostly far-right Pizzagate-Pedogate conspiracy theorists.

Mellisa Zaccaria is an ambitious, pink-haired, approximately 36-year-old assistant bar manager and consultant from Plaistow, New Hampshire. She lists herself online as the CEO of a bar management training company called MZFX Management LLC. In recent months, she has ‘found herself,’ in a big way, and has taken on a passionate second life as ‘The Honey Bee’ (@thehoneybee_ on Twitter), a campaigner – she is convinced – against hidden cabals of pedophiles who are raping and murdering children in tunnels and other hideouts while being protected by the U.S. government.

That’s the same U.S. government that prosecutes thousands every year for child pornography, sexual acts with minors, and erotic teen selfies, but never mind that. Conspiracies always offer separate worlds for the elites. That, at least, is the basic grist that feeds the squeaking mental mills of all conspiracy theorists.

The Pizzagate/Pedogate conspiracy theory popped up hot and strong around the time of the Trump election campaign, along with a wide range of Jewish, Masonic, Bilderberg and miscellaneous conspiracies. Its bizarre genesis, beginning with a reddit post on Nov. 4, 2016, was chronicled in articles debunking it in the Washington Post and the Snopes urban legend site (https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/pizzagate-taught-us-the-value-of-community/2017/04/19/92cae67c-23b0-11e7-bb9d-8cd6118e1409_story.html, http://www.snopes.com/pizzagate-conspiracy/).

Hillary Clinton emails released by Wikileaks as part of pre-election politicking contained references to fundraising events held at a hip pizzeria with pingpong tables called ‘Comet Pingpong’ in Washington, D.C. A Democratic organizer named John Podesta, who was once the White House Chief of Staff for Bill Clinton, organized the events with co-operation from the pizzeria owner, James Alefantis. Occasional occurrences of ‘cheese pizza’ and similar phrases in Comet-related and other Clinton campaign emails triggered conspiratorial minds to imagine that child pornography was being referred to. ‘Cheese pizza,’ since it could be abbreviated cp, had become a long-standing euphemism for child pornography on the click-on-the-wild-side website called 4chan, where simply posting a photo of a pizza slice could elicit a vigorous – though soon-deleted – thread hosting dozens of ostensible child porn photos. ‘Citizen researchers,’ excited by the oven-baked link to child porn, quickly piled onto all the social media of Alefantis and his workers and friends, including everyone who had liked the pizzeria’s Facebook page, and, before the owners could reset accounts to private, harvested images of children and scenes that struck them as potentially creepy. Particularly popular was a shot of a smiling girl of around five years old with her wrists lightly adhesive-taped to the surface of a pingpong table. What the joke was in this photo was never explained, but it clearly could look sinister if one wished it to. And how the conspiramongers did wish it to. Finally, they had a pepperoni-scented ‘smoking gun’ that they could use to get at the oblivious, self-grafting elite they perceived as running the American ‘deep state.’ The elite – they were now certain – were having pedophile parties coded as pizza parties, and doing macabre things to smiling little girls.

The reddit conspirator had also noticed that the Comet Pizza logo, which showed crossed pingpong paddles, was somewhat reminiscent of one of the ‘pedophile symbols’ the Federal Bureau of Investigation had posted a few years earlier – specifically, a ‘child lover’ logo showing a stylized butterfly made of two heart-shaped larger wings and two heart-shaped smaller ones. This clinched the matter. Put together cheese pizza and paddles arranged like a pedophile logo, and a pedophile den had surely been spotted. Pizzagate enthusiasts soon invented an entirely new food code, to be used in interpreting Clinton emails and Comet-related social media posts, where any mention of ‘hot dog’ equaled ‘boy,’ ‘sauce’ equaled ‘orgy,’ and so on. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K6vvx2rHid0, 11:45). An email sent to John Podesta inquiring about a ‘pizza-related’ map handkerchief that had been left behind by someone during a real estate visit (i.e., a souvenir city map printed on a handkerchief as a promotional for a pizzeria – I personally own two such items without the advertising link) led to the decryption of the word ‘map’ as a semen stain. The exact email phrase “the realtor found a handkerchief (I think it has a map that seems pizza-related)” could be translooned as ‘the realtor found a handkerchief bearing semen stains from a pedophilic event.’ You need to imagine that conscientious emails would be sent out about a found cum-rag.

Conspiracy buffs often attributed their food and stain code to the FBI even though it was likely mostly or entirely the invention of their fellow Pizzagators. Allegations that the list of codes had come from 4chan went unsubstantiated.

When another pizza business near Comet was found to have a logo that had been given designer pizzazz by making the basic pizza slice triangle bend around to spiral inside itself, the sex-hound hobbyists immediately recognized another pedophile logo – a spiral triangle with a hand-scrawled look that had been mooted on minor-attracted websites as the emblem of the LBL, the little-boy lover. From this, and the nearby presence of an NGO office dealing with Haitian orphans, a fiction about an elaborate network of connecting tunnels among the conspiring Washington locations was quickly drafted.

Another bright mind then decided James Alefantis was a précis of ‘J’aime les enfants’ – I love children – in French. That’s even though Alefantis can easily be traced as a common Greek surname, and James, who was indeed Greek-American, had the middle name Achilles. Alefantis was known to be a deviant – specifically a gay man – but even worse, both he and Podesta were modern art fans. James had previously co-owned a modern art gallery. In his pizzeria life, he had often put together in-house pizza parties for John’s lobbyist brother Tony Podesta, who liked to showcase his home décor featuring many pieces of provocative art, including paintings by Serbian artist Biljana ?ur?evic.

?ur?evic (pronounciation similar to Georgevich), as a survivor of a bloody civil war, had acquired a taste for depicting reality as gory and violent. Some of her paintings, as seen in a major art retrospective that was held in Haifa in 2009, showed things like half-naked soldiers with snarling Rottweilers tied to a rail, and a small, near-naked boy suspended with belts from the ceiling of a shower stall. Tony had a ?ur?evic in his living room showing two dead girls washed up in a marsh – something the artist had witnessed during the war – next to a larger painting showing living girls lying comfortably in a radiating circle among maple leaves scattered at the bottom of an empty, shallow, tiled pool. The crème de la crème, however, of the sinister art Tony Podesta sponsored, was an evening of performance art by another Serbian artist, Marina Abramovi?. Marina’s oeuvre included hosting people in empty rooms where they could help her spread pig’s blood and other bodily fluids, like breast milk, on the walls and floors in an endeavor she called ‘spirit cooking.’ They wrote slogans in blood like ‘with a sharp knife, cut deeply into the middle finger of your left hand. Eat the pain.’ She had published an art book containing some of this visceral quasi-haiku in 1996. The hands-on performance was supposed to induce a feeling of being at one with reality in all its danger and vulnerability, while containing its chaos with made-up ritual.

To the conspiracy theorists, this ‘spirit cooking’ was Satanism, pure and simple. It showed that the elite pedophiles must be taking part in the legendary ‘satanic ritual abuse,’ the subject of a major, painstakingly debunked moral-panic outbreak in the 1990s (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Satanic_ritual_abuse). None of the theorists were aware of the background noted by a tweeter from the Encyclopedia Dramatica Twitter account, possibly Serbian sysadmin Sibin Graši?. The person commented “It (spirit cooking) is called “Vlaska Magija” (Wallachian magic) in Serbia, where the #SpiritCooker woman is from.” Apparently Abramovi? had adapted a local tradition of the Vlach (diaspora Wallachian-Romanian) minority for her outrageous art form.

Mellisa Zaccaria was among the right-thinking Americans, perhaps unused to the history of grotesque modern art going back to Francis Bacon, who threw herself avidly into head-butting the horns of Satan that were showing through in Comet Pingpong and its weird hipster/art-nerd clientele. She did this in late 2016, when her Youtube channel, previously devoted to little-watched live songs by her alternative folk-rock band Manifest (http://www.ticketfly.com/event/244865-encrypted-manifest-animated-st-louis/), took a sudden turn to confronting government evildoers who were covering up elite pedophiles.

She believes she may be risking assassination for her needling of the elites, but states that she is prepared to “be a martyr for the children.”

“Cause I would rather die for those kids, I would rather be a martyr for those children, to further prove to the world that there is a huge conspiracy within our government. They are Satanic … and evil … and they do nasty, nasty things to children”


Looking through her postings, you soon see the evidence that her Christian fundamentalism didn’t mix well with the art tastes of Tony Podesta. In a video from Jan 12, 2017, after saying she thinks that enslaved children may be being used in CIA programs, she continues,

If they found where the children are being housed in the trafficking of the children…whether they are being raped whether they are being murdered – I believe it’s both – you look at the Kabbalistic aspects, you look at the spiritualistic aspects, you look at the spirit cooking (that) is part of Abramovi?’s game – and she is friends with a lot of the people that are allegedly involved in this situation – and it is very clear to me that there is a spiritual aspect to this. This is literally light vs. dark, it is only found out by prayer; if you pray, please pray.


Aided by like-minded Youtubers like BadGuacamole, she found spiritual revelation in her new pursuit of artsy-fartsy evil. On Feb. 9, she published a cathartic Youtube titled “Divine Validation in Fighting #Pedogate” in which she announced that God had sent her signs that she was doing holy work in her pizza-related campaign. I’ve transcribed several pieces of her statements, including all the tropes (ums and ahs, loud dental tongue clicks) that she inserts to show she’s a real woman of the people rather than an elitist.

I have experienced some holy divine magic … I don’t need to believe – I KNOW that Christ is in my heart and I’m protected by him and guided by the Lord in doing what I’m doing …

(She begins by describing a day in which she used the phone and the internet to file FBI and Los Angeles Police Department reports on child pornography found on a website)

Later in the evening, a few of us were talking and we had sort of a holy experience, the three of us. My good friend was listening to me and BadGuacamole just kind of reliving experiences we’ve had, magical experiences, holy experiences, that brought us into the Lord and we invited Jesus Christ into our heart and how that all went down … and this friend of ours was struggling, he … needed to let that burden go and put it on the Lord and he decided to be saved last night … it was very beautiful. Right after our friend, he said the words … we went right to our Vidme (website) and this is what we found there (a newly appearing notification saying) “‘ChristIsReturning’ followed you.” It just goes to show you the power of the Lord, and it’s real…

The Vidme poster called ChristIsReturning also upvoted Mellisa’s comment about his video “Every Christian should own a weapon.” (https://vid.me/6rgE) The poster turned out to be a Baptist pastor called Steven Anderson, from Faithful Word Baptist Church in Phoenix, Arizona, who had posted a sermon on how Christ, just prior to the crucifixion, had told his followers to arm themselves. Anderson is most famous for his widely publicized June 2016 praise of the ISIS-sponsored Orlando gay club massacre for leaving “50 less pedophiles in the world.” (http://www.phoenixnewtimes.com/news/tempe-pastor-hails-orlando-massacre-for-leaving-50-less-pedophiles-in-this-world-video-8372346)

Mellisa continues

“I had been praying about purchasing a firearm. My prayer was answered after watching this video and I’m going to share with you what the Lord has told me.”

Her video clips in a segment of Anderson speaking: “Someone looked at this gun and said ‘that’s an abomination to Jesus. And you know, SODOMY’s an abomination, but THEY pointed at this gun.”

This stirring quotation clearly helped Mellisa make up her mind to get God’s leveler of all flesh into her household as soon as possible. Then, to further explain her night of magical assurance to her listeners, she went very deep. She had just had a potentially prophetic dream.

When I went to bed last night um I had a dream (tongue-click!) and it was pretty intense and I think it was a message from God and I’m going to share it with you right now. … I’ve had some pretty prophetic dreams in the past and I trust my dreams … I’m not a prophet but I am open to the word of God and I feel that, um, I’m given directions through my dreams sometimes. So after (click!) the dream started, I was at, like, a homestead in the woods and it was dark out and I was planning for a Hallowe’en party, and I was literally picking people off, um, and collecting peoples’ heads. Like no joke, it was very weird, I had two large bags, like trash bags, filled with heads of people, and, um, a few of the heads I had collected were of superhuman people, superheroes, and I remember I was kind of in a closet with these bags and my mom peeked in and she said ‘oh what are you doing?’ and I said, ‘oh, I’m just decorating for this Hallowe’en party,’ and you know a lot of this stuff I do, I don’t tell my mom because she’s gonna get nervous, you know, and as you know right now, I am sort of headhunting, I am exposing pedophiles in our government, and, uh, I am metaphorically collecting heads and exposing them, laying them out for my Hallowe’en party (click!) … so, um, people started arriving and the dream kind of faded off and I remember setting the table and having all the heads out … and then it was like later that night and it was my sister’s … homestead, um, and we (sigh) were kinda having quiet time down in the living room and I heard water dripping, so I went up to the loft in the bedroom and there was a big pitched ceiling with a gigantic skylight and it had sort of like, ah, Venetian blinds but they were pitched, so it was a little weird and the water was just pouring through this skylight and I was like, ‘I’ve got to fix this,’ so I was using this, um, trinket on the right side next to another window to, like, close the blind and close the window and it kept breaking and little pieces were flying off and I was really tryna like stop this and repair this leak that was happening … so finally, I actually figured it out and I stopped the leak! Now, it’s really interesting for me in my reoccurring dreams with water, I usually am overtaken by water and my sister is overtaken by water and this sort of dream motif has been going on since I was a young child, and, um, this is, I can say, the first dream that I’ve had that actually, I was able to control the water and control the leak, so to speak. I-I-I looked at it when I woke up and I asked my boyfriend and he’s really, really good at interpreting dreams in an objective kind of sense, um, he’s the one that actually told me that he thought the heads I was collecting were those people that I was exposing in the government, and the leak, you know, that is something that I never have been able to come to terms with is that fear, you know (click!), of not being able to make a difference or make a change and I think that was the Lord telling me he’s happy with what I’m doing and Jesus is with me and guiding me through this and (click!) I feel blessed … at first I thought it had to do with a seal being opened, one of the seals that are opened in Revelation … I don’t know … you guys tell me.”

The actual quote from the biblical book of Revelation that would suit her vision, my theological contacts tell me, is “Then from his mouth the serpent spewed water like a river, to overtake the woman and sweep her away with the torrent.” However, an alternate interpretation of Mellisa’s dream, still in a Christian context, would be that after she had held her death-focused pagan (Hallowe’en) ceremony with all her decapitated heads, she had ended the episode by shutting off the flow of the other potentially overwhelming type of spiritual water mentioned in the Bible, “If you knew the gift of God and who it is that asks you for a drink, you would have asked him and he would have given you living water (John 4:10).” Mellisa’s fervent participation in a campaign to harass a random shop owner and his customers and their relatives may only have been possible if she shut the divine impulse out. My consultants advise her to consider that possibility. They may possibly, however, not be included among the ‘you guys’ Mellisa was appealing to.

Since Mellisa started her Pizzagate campaign, she has had ups and downs. She hit a major down when she ‘exposed’ a Brian Podesta, who she felt had sinister links – partly connected via his father Don Podesta – to lobby and security surveillance contractor groups like the National Endowment for Democracy, Stratfor, and Lockheed Martin. The last of these does a lot of surveillance work for the CIA. Unfortunately for her, this group of Podestas claimed to be completely unrelated to John and Tony, and were incensed to be smeared with conspiratorial pizza sauce. They threatened lawsuits and had many Twitter and Youtube accounts warned or locked, with demands to delete the slanderous material connecting them to Pizzagate. The divinely guided Zaccaria refused to admit she’d made an error, and railed, on videos sequestered on the tolerant bitchute.com site, that Podestas in general ‘compartmentalize’ themselves, just like the government does, so that the left hand of Podesta deliberately doesn’t know what the right hand of Podesta is doing. She hinted that they were probably all cousins.

(https://www.bitchute.com/video/dJ4TjAplXjU/ “Twitter Censorship of Podesta Family Ties – NCMEC, NED, Lockheed Martin, and Podesta Group – HoneyBee – The Truth” Feb 26, 2017)

After recovering from this easily rebuffed shock, she hit the jackpot. She discovered the group called ‘Heart Progress’ that I’ve written about previously – in my judgment, a garish troll group faking pedosexual advocacy in order to quick-start soft-conservative outrage against liberals. (https://www.boychat.org/messages/1495822.htm; https://justpaste.it/15vex). The appearance of a group displaying itself as attempting to convert the LGBT community, as well as Americans and the world, to the notion that consenting sexual love could and should be had at any age, provided Mellisa with a dramatic foil for associating all the other conspiracy targets with it or its objectives. In fact, she, at first, seldom attacked Heart Progress on its own. She contextualized it with attacks on John Podesta, and also with bolts at another favorite target, Steve Diamond’s ‘Our Love Frontier’ WordPress blog (ourlovefrontier.wordpress.com/).

She also mentioned, parenthetically, “boychats, which is another thing I’m trying to get reported.”

In one outstanding episode, a March 31, 2017 video called “MAP Defined Podesta Email and Handkerchief Signal” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=24sQ45MD2_w), she used information from Diamond’s blog to place a new interpretation on the Podesta ‘map handkerchief.’ This was done after she’d begun the video stressing the importance of her cause by featuring a Heart Progress graphic suggesting girls worldwide should be married, if they wished, at the age of three or so as was allegedly done (though not really) in Islamic countries (image shown at https://justpaste.it/15vex).

From an article on the Our Love Frontier blog, Mellisa learned, to her shock and revelation, that ‘map’ could stand for ‘minor-attracted person.’ Suddenly, she KNEW the real meaning of the enigmatic handkerchief email. In fact, she had special inside knowledge about it, because she’d joined a group, some years ago, to protest being made seasonally homeless on the resort island of Martha’s Vineyard when homeowners would rent out their properties to summer visitors for thousands of dollars per week (http://www.mvtimes.com/2014/05/07/build-partnerships-with-builders/). John Podesta’s lost handkerchief had come about in a real estate visit connected to just such a prospective summer rental. I’ll let her explain her breathtaking and utterly slanderous conclusions, as heard on the “MAP defined” video. Understanding her attitude to people with enough money to rent the rooms she was once kicked out of is critical to understanding everything she does against the elites of the fantasy Pedogate.

These are people that can afford $10,000 a week to stay in an oceanfront property on Lake Tashmoo and this woman (owner’s representative Susan Sandler – BN) must have maybe shown an interest in some of this depravity of exploiting children, maybe a party where they’re spirit cooking, maybe – something.

Someone has left this handkerchief, I believe it to be John Podesta, I believe he left it for this woman, Susan Sandler, to let her know that he has the goods, that he can connect her with people, that maybe in the Cape he can provide that this sort of child exploitative service. I believe that John Podesta left this handkerchief for Susan Sandler to let her know that he has access and/or connections for this person – maybe not for her, but for clients that she deals with. She deals with VERY WEALTHY clients that may be interested in child sex parties, in child sex trafficking, child pornography, whatever. This is clear to me that John has left handkerchiefs before at other places. I think it has ‘a minor attracted person that seems child porn related’ – that’s how you would read this email…. This is kind of a new finding and I think it’s really important.

She then encourages her increasing mob of followers to pass this blithering associational nonsense on as far as they can before it gets banned. But John Podesta, unlike Brian Podesta, appears too overwhelmed or immovable to deal with such assaults.

As the weeks went by, Mellisa became ever more focused on Heart Progress as a lynchpin of her attack strategy. She started a website called ‘Our Children Matter’ (www.ourchildrenmatter.net) and cooked up a plan to save the gay community from ambitious pedosexuals who were trying to assimilate their agenda into LGBTQI+ legitimacy. In a Youtube from Apr. 25 called ‘Podesta Pizza Patriarch and Heart Progress,’ (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8r5D1gLZjvw), she called on people marching in the June Boston Pride parade in the LGBT community to march with ‘Our Children Matter’ as a matter of preference. “LGBT people do not want pedophiles involved in this movement…. March with us. LGBT is under attack, the American people are under attack, children are under attack.” She secured a place, apparently, in the parade order for her group, and set up a fundraising site to raise $1,500 for banners, pamphlets and other parade accessories (so far, $500 has come in). Some friends were found who offered to make a documentary about her efforts, including drone footage.

In the midst of this organizing, she was busy trying to find out who the Heart Progress cads were. I and my team had earlier tried to see if the original directors of Heart Progress, Ernst Steiner, Clive Martin and Dale Steinberg, were either genuine or discernibly pseudonymous, but hit a brick wall in all techniques, including image-searching on the handsome photos supplied by Steiner and others. I felt it important to do this search right away, as the group was set up with an open website allowing anyone taken in by the message to join. That would include any genuine exponents of no-holds-barred consensual pedosex who were adventurous enough to post their photos in a public forum. Mellisa carried on the same sort of search weeks later, and, at first, came up with the interesting fact that some of the names of Heart Progress members appeared to have been pilfered from sex offender registries. There was, for example, a Clive Martin Wall who was a known sex offender in the UK – though he usually went by Clive Wall and wasn’t of interest to me in my own search. With one photo, though, image-searching on google took her right to a photo of one of the more recent and more strident Heart Progress members, a man calling himself Daniel Gaither. Daniel had made typical Heart Progress outrage spurs with opinions like “my favorite part of a little boy is the anus by far and away. But for little girls, I’ve heard they don’t have a prostate but their anus can still be erogenous, although in a different way…so what do you think, sewage outlet or sexual organ, folks?” Incredibly, Daniel’s profile photo image-googled straight to an online profile of an identifiable individual. The person involved could easily have escaped implication by claiming the photo was stolen, but instead, while still posting under the pseudonym Daniel Gaither, threatened Mellisa with legal action for a post she’d made on one of the real name’s web pages. I am not including that name here, since the man’s relatives have been threatening lawsuits, and there’s no reason for our publications to join Mellisa in possible legal tie-ups. Nonetheless, it was pretty clear that she had bagged a genuine Heart Progress registrant, and there was additional confirmation later on. Of course, from the viewpoint of the hypothetical trolls I believe started the movement, such moments of authenticity, with consequences suffered by other people, would be perfect devices for keeping the momentum of outrage going.

Since being threatened by the family of her doxee, Mellisa has been fairly quiet on Youtube, and has put almost all of her energy into promoting her part in the Boston Pride march, which is coming right up.

The Our Children Matter website publicizing the march participation contains a typical extreme polemic designed to preach to the Pizzagate-converted. The message presumes that elites are holding masses of kidnapped children all over the US and can be persuaded to release them by public outrage.

In the fall of 2016 Wikileaks released the Podesta Emails that contained pedophile code talk- terms such as ‘pizza,’ ‘hot dogs’, ‘pasta’, ‘map’ and others used out of context and absolutely nonsensical considering the true meaning of these words- as it turns out these are known terms used by child pedophile/ child traffickers.

Unfortunately this is not an issue exclusive to Washington DC or this particular scandal- it’s far more expansive and global in nature. Our mission is simple- to end child trafficking and crimes against children and make our world safe for children again forever. We will achieve our goal as decent human beings united in an unrelenting campaign where EVERY DAY MATTERS- children are suffering and dying daily.

Terms Of Surrender (TOS)

1- Release ALL children to closest hospital

2- Surrender to authorities

3- Confess to your crimes

4- Beg for forgiveness

Thank you all for your ongoing support- we call upon all decent human beings- the time has come for us to stand shoulder to shoulder- by the millions- around the globe- and put an end to these crimes against children. It’s time to come out from behind your web cams and key boards and take to the streets in peaceful demonstrations.

Mellisa has further clarified her aspirations for the Boston Pride parade in a recent video interview by her principal collaborator in the march project, who calls himself Liberty Columnist. The video is titled “The HoneyBee and I Leading #OurChildrenMatter March in Boston!” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RbfY2zNGBos)

We’re also there, a big part of it, at the pride parade, which coincidentally fell on this day – we got ourselves in there because what we’re finding now is that the pedosexual advocacy groups – and that’s what they call themselves, pedosexual – they’re advocacy members that want to infiltrate and try to tag along with the LGBT community. Now that is such a big shoo-in to this event because if you know anything about the LGBT movement, they have been trying to get away from the stigma of pedophilia for 50-60 years. They don’t believe in child rape; this is not something that they want get behind. The fact that these advocacy groups are trying to infiltrate into the LGBT – it’s got to be stopped, we have to draw the line there. I have no problem with any consenting adult doing what they wish … and everyone should be accepted and be able to be free … but children need to be protected. If you lower the age of consent, they’re trying to get the vote, to emancipate at an earlier age – it’s just dangerous … There’s a lot of angry dads going to be a part of this march.

Mellisa notes that there will be 75,000 people attending, 340 groups participating, and a lot of media. There’ll be a media station and she anticipates that she’ll be able to get her group some mainstream coverage. The pedophilia she will oppose in those interactions will be the mainstream-journalist stereotype of the always-rapacious, always criminally devious lurking monster. She carefully shuns the idea that pedophilia doesn’t necessarily mean ‘child rape,’ and that there are many completely lawfully living pedophiles in the community who don’t espouse any such practice. There’s more to be said about her online interactions with non-offending pedophiles of various political stripes, but I’ll leave that aside for now. This piece is focused on her attempt to wedge her Podesta paranoias and her dramatic-foil opposition to the Heart Progress straw man into the LGBT community. She knows that what she’s doing has minimal relation to LGBT pride.

I’m really excited about the coverage hopefully that we’ll get and we’re going to be really STRONG, haha, being there, and it’s not going to be a happy event, it’s not something where we’re going to go there proclaiming happiness and pride on the level of the LGBT, how they look at this event. It’s going to be more – I don’t want to say ‘militant’ in a negative way – but we’re there to draw a line for them, but we’re also there for the kids too.”

“We’re there to draw a line for them.” The conspiracy theory morals squad wants to make sure its concept of order is maintained among the gay.

As for ‘the kids,’ by the way, she herself has none.

This is how a woman who claims to get divine guidance about gun ownership from a preacher who rejoices to see gay men mass-murdered is making her move, and the move of her temporarily insane moral panic movement, into the limelight of the LGBT Pride parade. Will Boston be the place where the far right manages to make serious inroads into the perennially liberal LGBT community and turn some of its members into paranoid rightists? Will straw-man pedosexual advocacy groups organized by lulzing trolls drive the LGBT into the frogpond of perennial Trumpdom? Already, pressure from the tension between acceptance of Muslims and traditional Islamic homophobia is driving some gays rightward – witness Milo Yiannopoulos and his remote Dutch predecessor, assassinated presidential candidate Pim Fortuyn.

If Mellisa and her ‘based’ cohort of conspiracy theorists can convert significant numbers of LGBT people to associational paranoia, false accusation, and incorrigible rumor-mongering, based on fiction-pumped fear of pedophilia and alienation from the affluent, then, in a few years, there won’t be much basis left for the quality that the Boston parade is named for: