Mellisa Zaccaria and the ‘Pizzagate’ Smear Campaign…


Mellisa Zaccaria aka “The Honey Bee”.

In the event you have arrived here based on comments made by spokespeople from “Our Children Matter”
(, at the 2017 Boston Pride Parade…please click here.

Don’t miss my personal comments below this post.

4 thoughts on “Mellisa Zaccaria and the ‘Pizzagate’ Smear Campaign…

  1. Antinewworldorder

    As for the supposed evidence that children aren’t harmed by sexual relationships until “society tells them it’s wrong”. NO. This is NOT TRUE. What I see referenced are various works by researchers and psychologists themselves. However, often the conclusions of these studies are misinterpreted by pedophile advocacy groups. What they miss (likely intentionally) is that what happens when abuse victims mature and gain the cognitive ability to fully understand and assess the situation they were in, they do suffer. They understand that they were manipulated and taken advantage of; that they trusted these individuals and were betrayed by them. Many often suffer from PTSD and part of their therapy is coming to terms with what happened to them, so that they can process the experience with an adult mind and alleviate their suffering.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      What is it with you sorts who cannot seem to follow a few simple comment posting guidelines?…It’s a simple thing…and a simple courtesy.

      The post you are responding too, has nothing to do with what you’ve brought up here…hence, it is off topic…Heck, there isn’t much sense in responding to this post, anyway.

      As to your comments….Your attempt to monopolize all human sexuality wont fly in this realm, friend.

      You’re just regurgitating the conditioned mindset, which they attempt to force on all of us.

      There is absolutely nothing, which makes that “the norm”…

      …I’m sorry if this is news to you…But peer pressure, shaming and severe punishment, really does have that degree of an impact.

      Positive and playful mindsets, have an enormous impact, also.

      …But keep telling yourself those lies of yours…Many of you are so deeply conditioned, that it’s like you cannot live with yourself, to imagine otherwise.

      I hope someday, you arrive at a place in life…where you can think clearly on this topic.

  2. feinmann0

    I never cease to be amazed by the massive irony when I see the “our children matter” messages expounded by people like Mellisa Zaccaria and AntiNewWorldOrder, and simultaneously read about what those in authority are actually prepared to do to children across the US. In the latter case: is one hideous example. Eivind Berge has this to say in characteristically eloquent and heartfelt style:

    “As I have said before, this is our culture’s version of honor killing. Our culture considers the sexual purity of minors as so important that it will gladly destroy them in order to preserve it. Adults must be destroyed too for the slightest infringement on this supposed sexual purity, obviously, but that is so widely accepted that it isn’t even questioned. It is a kind of scorched-earth tactic – these hallowed sexual objects, defined as any person under 18, have such a profound religious significance to us for some bizarre reason that their imagined asexuality is literally more important than anything or anyone. While paradoxically denying that it exists, our culture is absolutely obsessed with the sexuality of minors, in the worst possible way.”

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      Wonderful, accurate statement. People like ANWO and Mellisa, are both knowledge ignorant, and socially immature.

      They’re on the “biggest hypocrites on the planet” side of this war…and they probably don’t even possess the cognitive ability to realize it.


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