If Someone Had Asked Me For Nudes…


Date: June 11, 2017

01) My Discord Cancer: Chapter 3 My Creepy Stalker

I probably would have had fun taking the pictures, especially if they were a stranger over the internet…Back then, I was always a bit of an exhibitionist.

I loved the idea of being outside naked, where anyone could have seen me.

I’m not really sure why…Maybe it was natural pushback, to the puritanical environment I was living in?…Maybe it was my way of finding a natural balance for myself?

…But, that doesn’t mean I don’t understand the problem of people getting too pushy.

One of the things I always hated about living in a sexually repressive culture, is having to navigate relational encounters of a sexual nature…Most specifically, the hard situation of dying to approach someone you are interested in, while mortified that things will go really bad after you float the idea to them.

There are just so many additional pitfalls, created by society.

I’ve often asked…why can’t the facts of life “just be there”, visible and learnable without shame…while those interested can self elect to make their interest known?

The unnecessary complications have never made any sense to me…It just seems we are saddling people, with an unhealthy mental complex.

Getting back to the video:

In a better world, we probably would not broadcast private interactions to the rest of the world…But, she didn’t give legal names or pictures…so…I cannot say she handled herself wrong, here…nor during her interaction with this person, as it was happening.

She is right…It’s scummy to use another person like that, just to get with someone else…It’s also creepy, trying to push a sexual thing after you’ve already told them you’re not interested.

That he would attempt leveraging buying her stuff, anonymously, off of her [Amazon.com?] wish list, is also bad.

It sounds to me like he is a product of the puritanical culture, I was just talking about…

In my humble opinion…all issues of human relations should be out in the open, where they can be observed, guided and held accountable.

The fact that this normally is not the case for kids and young people, has led to a kind of forced existence…where child and youth sexuality occurs in an underground. naïve and unaccountable environment.

When there is nothing else there to guide them…and when they feel they cannot seek out this guidance…people come up with their own ideas and plans, to get what they want…Sometimes, it’s a really bad plan.

So much of this kind of thing could be avoided, if we would just be open and honest about these issues.


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