More ‘PedoGate’ Smearing, Compliments of ‘The Honey Bee’…


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Date: June 12, 2017

01) 6/7/17 Interview with The HoneyBee Part 1

“Join me on my first interview with the amazing HoneyBee, Mellisa Zaccaria. This is the first of a three part interview, and we discuss everything from pedogate to the new world order and beyond.”

You may not want to watch something this long…but I’d like you to get an eyeful, and an earful, of the common type of crazy insanity, which is prevalent amongst people who attack resources like Our Love Frontier.

I swear…I could run down a long grocery list of names, of the most hostile aggressors towards MAPs online, I’ve seen over the past twenty years…And they always end up being these sorts of hysterical, shallow thinking, cognitively disconnected, dogmatic, mental whack jobs.

It’s important for people to understand what is going on with these shysters…

…They arrive online…get a tiny taste of power and “meaning in life”, and they go mad as some self styled, internet superhero…A “savior of children”, in some convoluted narrative they’ve made up in their own heads…Once they’ve arrived at that point, they self absolve of all responsibility, because they’re “fighting for a higher cause”…”They can do no wrong”…So they don’t give a flying fart, over whether or not they’re actually speaking truth…

…It’s all about the image and persona, and their dogmatic worldview…Sometimes, it’s also about their personal malice, and enjoyment of excercising it over other people.

A few excerpts:

My initial response on Twitter:

Why is this total incompetent dragging Our Love Frontier into that discussion?…It’s no shock, she may get sued.

Over a decade of fighting tooth n nail, for every inch of ground I can get…

…Dealing with absolute horrible, devastating blows of censorship and setbacks, for most of it…

…And “Ms. 4 months new” arrives on the scene imagining she has anything to say at all, about my history…”down easy street”, allegedly.

…And “Our Love Frontier” being funded?…Yes, out of my personal pocket…If I set up a funding account, it would get shut down, fast.

I don’t have any sugar daddies, who send money my way…Don’t have anyone who wants to step up, and help run the blog, either.

Hell…There is barely anyone else who even contributes content to the blog…

The reason Our Love Frontier is this present and loud, is because I am this present and loud, and I’ll have it no other way.

If there were 100 of me, and we got together…We would be ruling the world…one way, or another.

“Luciferians rule the world”…”Pokémon Go are real demons”…”Alex Jones is legit”…and way more, I forgot…

She’s hung herself, before she’s even gotten much rope.

She’s another eater of the conspiracy theory salad…No healthy skepticism present…And she claims NAMBLA started ANTIFA?…

…Oh dear Jesus!…I cannot stop laughing!…

“This” is exactly the sort of thing I experienced and witnessed in organized religion, and left behind…a choice for the better.

What’s so sad and disturbing, is that they are being entirely sincere…and they don’t even comprehend, what is so wrong with their words.

They suggested that “all this abuse” was being done, to maybe “open a portal for Satan”…

I cannot comprehend why, these two would not be diagnosed with a mental illness.

Sure, these sorts have been around forever…but if they got placed in a psychiatrists office, are we really going to bet against such a diagnosis?


1 thought on “More ‘PedoGate’ Smearing, Compliments of ‘The Honey Bee’…

  1. eqfoundation Post author

    Melisa imagines this was “a hit piece”…

    a) When someone equates an honest inventory of their own behavior with “a hit piece”…even they understand, their behavior reflects badly on them.

    b) I’m shining light on someone who spontaneously targeted me…She easily condemns herself. I have every right to comment on her aggression.

    c) A “hit piece” is deceptively slanting information and perspective about people…I’m just letting her expose herself.

    d) Even her tweet I’m responding to, here, screams that she doesn’t know what she is talking about.

    e) If she were a serious, legitimate “investigator”, etc…She would be far more careful and mindful of true facts……But, she doesn’t care about that, enough to stop herself from being incompetent and sloppy.

    f) It’s worth pointing out, that Melisa could not even be bothered to link to the actual post, she allegedly is responding to…instead giving a link to “The Wall” category index…Sloppy, and lazy.

    g) What she calls “a hit piece”, is actually explaining quite a bit…including the very reason, why Our Love Frontier cannot be called a “pedophile advocacy group”…Not that this glaring point stopped her from referring to Our Love Frontier, as just exactly that…She likely didn’t even bother to read this post…but she’s pretending to know what’s in it…Despite that anyone can find the post, and discover her folly…Maybe she’s intentionally trying to come off this dizzy and clueless, to attempt getting under my skin?

    A few other people need guidance:

    Despite that it was a lingering issue concerning Melisa…and despite that she referenced it in the very exact video I was sharing in this post…at least two people could not be bothered to look into things, before claiming that “I’ve threatened to sue”…and mocking me for it…

    Melisa already pulled a similar attack on another person, in the past weeks…That person has threatened a law suit…

    …My comment expressed, that given Melisa’s mode of behavior, it is easy to see why she may get sued…She is begging to be sued, given her libeling, harassment, stalking and sloppy “reporting”.

    Speaking of which…the people in that thread should be ashamed of themselves…They’re encouraging someone drunk on popularity and a sense of power, who lacks the sense to restrain herself, even for the sake of integrity.

    She keeps attacking people, accusing them of things they’ve never done…eventually, it’s going to come back around to her…And these supposedly “good” people, will only have themselves to blame.

    …She doesn’t need people pushing her along, down a road that’s likely to see her dragged before a court [civil or criminal]…She needs psychological attention.

    I’m not going to make anymore comments on this issue, unless something substantial takes place…She’s gotten too much publicity out of me, as it is.

    Presumably, this will blow over before long…and this will be forgotten.

    I’ll keep records of things I’ve discovered…but, I am always more concerned with the running of Our Love Frontier, and the community that follows this blog…than with the heel biters, who want to chase after me…

    …They’ll never stop the trail I am blazing.


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