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Steve Shives: A Few Observations…

Date: June 13, 2017

01) What has time done to Steve Shives?!

The Great Steve Shives Meltdown CONTINUES!:

Steve Shives and the effects of Echo Chambers:

I was going to write a bit in response to this, but I think Deterlucem has covered the bases.

Steve Shives [who has, interestingly, blocked me on Twitter] is not somebody I’ve paid attention to, over the years…but he keeps bubbling to the surface, in the conversation of people I do pay some attention to. So, I thought I’d finally figure out what is going on, here.

…And, yes…Steve embodies some of the worst, most destructive, tactics and mindset…Identity politics, is backwards thinking…”Deplatforming” is backwards thinking…Refusing to interact, is backwards behavior.

That doesn’t mean you have to interact, with people who make themselves impossible to productively interact with…but holding a blanket mindset, which says “people who don’t think like me, are scum”?…That’s just wrong.

There are real issues addressed by men’s [and male’s] rights activists [MRAs]…You’re not a bad person, for being in that camp…It’s a necessary presence.

There are real issues addressed by feminism…but there are also very serious problems, that have cropped up under the banner of feminism…It’s critical not to turn a blind eye to this.