I Miss WebTV…


Date: June 16, 2017

WebTV dialing Connecting to Webtv MID:

“RIP, WebTV: Microsoft finally shuts down MSN TV on Sept. 30 2013

The interactive TV service began life in 1996 as WebTV, one of the first set-top box services to offer Internet access via television sets.”

Webtv 1999:

“I had webtv from February to November of 1999, when I got my first “modern” computer, an Emachine with Windows 98. When the last days of my subscription were running out, I decided to record one of my last online sessions. Incidentally, the beginning is really garbled because I recorded it on a very old VCR that didn’t have a flying erase head, so it didn’t make clean cuts when recording over something else. I thought the garbled part was interesting, so I left that in.”

WebTV Classic ROM Music – All – snowy1.mid, karTV.mid, etc:

“This is music/sounds from the original WebTV Classic page file://romcache/music/index.html that includes songs that no one has heard in years. Songs like snowy1.mid and my favorite karTV.mid

Most people would link directly to these songs with the file://romcache url never thinking that one day they would be removed. Most of these were removed during one of WebTV’s upgrades and never to be heard again until now!

Special thanks to Tommie for going in deep to grab these.”

The WEBTV (MSNTV) Experience:

“I had a WEBTV since the late 90’s. The name changed to MSNTV when Microsoft bought it, but, it is always WEBTV to me. Microsoft is closing it down on September 30, 2013.
Nostalgia for WEBTVers and for the curious who may have heard of it here is a 12 minute tour into Dial-up internet as seen on your home TV set.”

Web TV Gen 1 Infomercial:

“Web TV Gen 1 Infomercial from the late 90’s,. Just imagine Internet on your old Fashion i480 CRT SDTV Television at speeds up to 32k. No need for High Speed net access and a Roku, Apple TV, Media Center pc, Android, iOS Smart Phone, Tablets, 60″ Smart HDTV, 100″ or smart 4K UHDTV of today to enjoy the Internet in your Living room”

WebTV was my first experience with the internet, and I was on it for at least two years…possibly three.

It was slow…but, most everything was back then…I didn’t have the experience of a faster connection, so I didn’t know things could get any better

However limited it may have been [and it certainly was]…those days were a lot of fun for me. I learned how to build a website with HTML, on my WebTV. Sadly, I either had to depend on my host to remain alive, or save the code some other way…like in an e-mail file.

The same was true for my BoyChat posts, if I wanted to save them…A lot of that stuff still got lost…But there were some survivors…Not that I consider it my best content, but…It brings back good memories…Some days, you just need a good memory.

Steve-D’s Midnight Zone came out of that time era, and remained my flag ship home online, well into the mid two thousands.

I always wanted them to make a disk drive, that could be connected to the WebTV unit, so I could backup my content properly…But, it never happened…and it wouldn’t be until about 2001, that I’d be able to secure all of my online content…on my shiny, new Compaq Presario…I loved that computer, also…and still own it…Not sure if it’s running right, however.

One of the things I recall with fondness, is how WebTV would feature the websites of it’s users…It might be featured for a week, or something like that…I have wondered, if there were any archives of old WebTV users websites out there…It would be fun to explore such…All I have right now, is my own, old websites…and what few others, I also saved…I have fairly vivid memories, of a few of those websites.

I miss my days on WebTV…I’d never choose to go back to them…but, I miss them…

…Hmmm…I do have a copy of the WebTV browser, for PC…for people designing websites, to see how they’d appear on a WebTV…I wonder if it would still work, if I installed it…Hmmmm…


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