Why I Don’t Do Other People’s Media…

Date: June 16, 2016

01) Fake News Australia: A Feature Not A Bug

This is a very good observation, on the rotten way mainstream media commonly mistreats people with politically incorrect views.

Please don’t imagine that I’ve never been asked to show up on a substantial media platform…I have…a live, regional news program in Canada…

I’m not a big enough idiot, to go walking into the enemies lair…or any kind of setting, that may turn hostile and manipulative. Nothing good will come from that…and that is exactly what important issues do not need…It makes dialogue impossible…It’s a dialogue killer.

This doesn’t mean I consider everyone an idiot, when they possess politically incorrect views and they go onto mainstream [or hostile] media…But some people are far better suited for that, than I…If they’re up to it, and gifted in that way…have at it…But know, you commonly wont be treated right.

This is not a gamble that I take.

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