When to Punch a Nazi: a Conversation about Free Speech…


Date: June 18, 2017

01) When to Punch a Nazi: a Conversation about Free Speech PART 1 OF 2 (TTA Podcast 327)

“Recent headlines have seen violent responses toward the culture’s more distasteful voices. White supremacist Richard Spencer is punched during an interview. Milo Yiannopoulos’ Berkley speech prompts riots. Ann Coulter cancels her own Berkley appearance over security concerns. Justifiable outrage against outrageous people and ideas seems to spill over into fists, fires, calamity and chaos.

But are these responses appropriate and/or helpful? Is it ever appropriate to respond to words and ideas with a physical blow?

On this two-part episode, we discuss this controversial subject.”

Part 2:

This is an important discussion…

Of course, “being a Nazi”, racism, supremacism and racial differences…these are very different issues from something like “pedophilia”…But the issue discussed in this podcast is still relevant.

I’m recalling a recent interview on the Sam Harris podcast, wherein his guest has done research on IQ differences amongst the races…And though the research did not find whites to be at the highest average in IQ…nor did he ever suggest that these findings suggest any “worthiness” about a race…some people took it upon themselves, to grossly misrepresent the research and the discussion taking place…and make a stink about the fact, that the discussion was happening at all.

If the point isn’t obvious here…

…That is precisely what happens to people, when they objectively discuss anything associated with “pedophilia”…and what’s being said does not line up with preconceived, anticipated social prejudice.

The threat of physical violence for merely talking about these issues?…From what I’ve seen, this is a new phenomena for “Nazis” [in the US]…but it’s not even remotely new, for “pedophiles”…and “pedophile sympathizers”.

It’s usually the same thing…the same tactics…wrongly frame the discussion for something it is not…and then claim the speaker is “obviously doing something heinous”…hence, “justifying a vicious response”.

Some thoughts on the show:

Some of the people calling into this show, are promoting a very literal form of violent terrorism.

There is no two ways about this…If you imagine you have a right to violently assault someone because they’ve expressed an idea you don’t like, and you don’t mind making it clear that you intend to act upon this…you are a terrorist.

You should be dealt with, as a terrorist.

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