How Much Of A Feminist Am I?…


Date: June 19, 2017

01) How Much Of A Feminist Are You?

BuzzFeed is total schlock…so, let’s just acknowledge that right up front, and not pretend that this means a whole lot…

Besides…I “took” the survey a second time, checking nothing and just hitting the submission to find out where I stood…And it still told me that I “knew a lot about feminism, but could stand to learn more”…

This “survey” is lazy to an extreme.

However…this outcome feels absolutely fair, to me.

I’ve always seen myself as pretty much in line with basic feminist values.

What’s been bothering me in recent years, is the extremist movement that’s been hijacking feminism.

Feminists need to vomit that cancer out of their movement, and bring it back into sane standing…before the extremists take it all down in flames.

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